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Marketing Ideas - Video In Advertising

Video in advertising is a form of embedded advertising in which brand creativity can be automatically matched to the scene in the video.

Brand advertising can use AI technology to automatically identify the scenes that can be implanted in the video that has been filmed, and after post-processing, the brand ideas can be implanted into the specific scenes. The display area, duration and location of the brand creativity can be automatically adapted to specific scenes and displayed in the video without obstruction to ensure natural brand creativity.

Key Features:

  • Post-placement ads

  • Automatically recognize scenes and form adjustments

  • Batch identification and large-scale implantation

  • Support agile optimization

  • Ensure the quantitative effect through scientific design and real material measurement

  • Third-party agencies can use advertising monitoring technology to complete implanted advertising monitoring, gather the effects of exposure and other effects, and perform combined evaluation with other advertising forms

The new consumer brand marketing model breaks the mass production followed by mature brands. The Miaozhen marketing team analyzed and observed more than 200 new consumer brands, and finally ended three key stages: the initial stage, the development stage and the growth stage.

  1. In the initial stage, the goal of the brand is to survive, and the marketing strategy is mainly to promote, such as content seeding, drainage of public domains and conversion of private domains.

  2. In the development period, the goal of the brand is to become popular. There are multiple forms of promotion strategies, such as "video streaming" to bring goods, using more marketing touchpoints, and linking up.

  3. From the period of development to growth, the short-term survival of the brand is no longer a problem. The problem is how to maintain sustained growth. Brands have begun to establish cultural barriers in their marketing strategies to increase public domain penetration.

Current Challenges for brand advertising:

  • The mobile phone penetration rate is 99.7%, and there is no more room for growth.

  • The expansion of the membership scale has led to a reduction in the inventory of advertisements for members. As the mainstream traffic of advertising brands, the share of traffic in video media (not including short video) advertising has fallen.

  • Online video is still one of the core of Chinese market traffic.

  • In 2021, most advertisers will focus on content marketing investment, with drama series being the focus of investment.

  • Classic content + innovative themes keep China's online video drama synthesis market alive, and innovative IPs continue to incubate.

Value in Video in advertising:

  • The placement of advertisements in episodes can fill in the member traffic that cannot be reached by other means, and achieve Incremental Reach;

  • Video In advertising and its scientific strategy break the marketing strategy restrictions brought by traditional placement advertising (difficult to do agile optimization, difficult to quantify results, and difficult to calculate total reach)

  • Implementation: AI enables Video In ads to achieve creative standardized batch delivery

  • Cooperate with the media to quantify and implant visible effects

  • A third-party agency like Miaozhen can realize batch detection of Video In ads

Video In advertising can help brands achieve new traffic exposure, stand out in a saturated market, break the traditional implant advertising model and its limitations, achieve various adjustments, and obtain more efficient marketing activities for advertisers.。

To know more about Video In ads & how our partner Miaozhen can help track, talk to us!

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