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App of the month - Jessica’s Secret

Jessica’s Secret – Chinese tourist and shopper app for overseas shopping

Jessica’s Secret is a price comparison APP for tourist shopping founded by Jessica’s Group. Jessica’s Secret provides real-time price information of over 900 shopping malls and duty-free shops from 60 countries. The APP act as the bridge between travel retail and the Chinese market, total APP user as of 2019 is nearly 1.4 million with 230,000 monthly active users.

From their user portraits data, over 90% of Jessica’s users are high-end mobile devices and top models users. They are high-net-worth users and they shop overseas with strong consumption ability. More than 80% of users are millennials and 86% of the users are female.

Jessica’s Secret App features:

  • Big Data System: Calculate the highest and lowest price items at tourist destinations.

  • Exchange Rates Comparison: Display the real-time exchange rate of the three payments according to the exchange rate platform.

  • Scan & Compare: Get the price comparison information by scanning the barcode.

  • Top brands' collaboration: Received a wide range of customer recognition with data authenticity and positive conversion, a lot of top brands advertised on the app consecutively - Shiseido, Estee Lauder, Pernod Richard, La Mer, SK-II, Martell, and etc.

App users can easily get discount/campaign info from the product page, amounts of coupons are given which supports in English and Chinese. Jessica’s Secret APP is now a popular global price comparison tool for travellers and the user base is increasing rapidly.

Tech Services & Marketing for retailers

From retailer’s perspective, Jessica’s Secret provide a different kind of cooperation models:

  • Conventional Model (Discount + Commission): Jessica’s Secret gets commission from retailers on discount promotion campaigns.

  • New Model 1 (Discount + Cashback): Release some or all commissions from retailers to travellers.

  • New Model 2 (The Optimal Discount): May waive part of the commissions if the retailer offers the best deals of all channels to app users.

Jessica Group also provides a wide range of IT services like retailer built-in Pre-order website development and operation, providing professional e-commerce marketing plan, interaction design according to the request of travel retailers, market conditions and Chinese tourist preferences. Their tech support also including front and back-end, payment platform (Alipay, WeChat Pay, UnionPay), microsite and, operation and maintenance (7x24 hours).

Moreover, Jessica’s AI tracking showing that they are the world’s only Internet products that dynamically monitors price fluctuation of travel retailers as it 7x24hr monitor the dynamic change for long-term and short-term campaign/promotion prices. Its multifunctional intuitive data results in easy operation and assessment.

Jessica Group heads up in China travel retail market consulting service and travel retailers’ digital marketing promotion in China like being King Power Thailand’s biggest marketing service provider in China. Last but not least, there are few kinds of advertising format that can be promoted as below:

For more detailed information about Jessica’s Secret, please contact us.


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