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App of the month - iQiyi

IQiyi is China's largest online video streaming website. It was established in Beijing in 2010. It is known as "China Netflix". IQiyi owns massive, high-quality, high-definition online videos, and is a professional online video playback platform. The content of video resources in iQiyi is rich and varied, covering movies, TV series, animation, variety shows and live content.

Platform Statistics:

  • By 2019, iQiyi has more than 520 million monthly active users.

  • The proportion of women is 68%; men make up 32%.

  • Most of the user age groups come from the 80s and 90s, among which the 19-24 age group accounts for the largest proportion, accounting for 33%.

  • By 2020, the number of subscribers to iQiyi has exceeded 100 million.

IQiyi advertisements include open-screen advertisements, pre-roll videos, and feed advertisements.

1. Open Screen Ads

Open-screen advertising is the first entry point for iQiyi to start up. When users open the iQiyi app, they display brand information on the phone screen as soon as possible to meet brand exposure needs, with strong visual impact, and quickly attract users’ attention.

  • Open-screen advertising is very suitable for new product launches, event promotions and other activities that require a lot of exposure.

  • Dynamic and static display modes, users can click to jump to the landing page, providing advertisers with multiple choices.

  • Flexible and precise operation mode, flexibly adjust the delivery area and scope according to different needs

  • Bidding mode: CPD

2. Pre-roll Video

The pre-roll video is generally displayed before the video content is played. This is usually non-skippable and generates high engagement

  • Suitable for brand awareness, as non-skippable and high attention period before the video content starts

  • Multi-dimensional targeting function to ensure the right audience

  • Rich & colourful way convey information

  • Bidding mode: CPM

3. Feed Ads

Social Ads – covering socially active user groups, with distinctive tags and easy precise division. Users can comment, which helps advertisers collect feedback in time.

Bidding mode: native graphics: CPM/CPC; native video: CPV

Native Ads – a new video information delivery platform, with advertisements interspersed between the contents of the channels of "iqiyi information platform-iqiyi headlines", which can integrate different users and increase user attributes, and use the same format as the original content of iqiyi headlines.

Bidding mode: CPM/CPC

Channel page Ads – "Kylin Mathematical-iQiyi Effect Promotion Platform" - Channel information flow advertisements are interspersed among the original content of iQiyi, mainly displayed in the five major channels of recommendation, TV series, movies, animation, variety shows and various local station channels, covering mainstream movie viewers, high user attention, covering most regions of the country.

Bidding mode: CPM/CPC

If you want to know more about iQiyi advertising, please contact us!

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