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App of the month - Douban

Douban aims to offers "lifestyle and culture" products and services for white-collar urbanites and college students. A large proportion of which are reviews of books and movies in addition to art and hobby-related content. The content has shaped the development of Douban and it has increasingly attracted user interest over time.

Douban platform value:

· 200 million registered users

· 500 million MAU

· 800 million DPV

Douban User:

  • Highly educated and internationalized (82.9% of users have a bachelors degree or above, 30% have a background of studying abroad)

  • Focused on developed cities/countries (1st - tier cities/new 1st - tier cities and overseas developed countries)

  • Majority of the users comprises of those born between 1985 to 1995, accounting for more than 86%)

  • The ratio of men and women is balanced, close to 1:1 (47.7% males, 52.3% females)

Douban Major Section:

· Douban Knowledge

· Douban Music/Douban FM

· Douban Reading

· Douban Movie

· Douban Writing

· Douban Group

· Douban Event

· Douban E-commerce

Douban Ad Type:

Open screen ads & Banners ads((Multiple images/Large images))

Douban Content Marketing:

Online+Offline creative campaigns

Case Study - OnePlus Mobile

· Online: Create a trend music week

· Offline: exposure activities

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