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2023 Xiaohongshu Annual Life Trend Analysis

The “2023 Life Trends” report was released by Xiaohongshu and the Institute of Sociology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, under the theme of “Into Real Life” to observe and study the lifestyle of young people. The report uses Xiaohongshu’s data statistics and topic content from the past year to divide various life keywords, identify and analyse life trends in 2023. The following is an excerpt from the report.

The situation and coping patterns of the new generation of young people

Situation 1: Generation Z – young people have experienced a period of national economic transformation and economic downturn, resulting in fewer opportunities for young people to start their own businesses or start a business to become rich, in addition, competition for opportunities and pressure in society is more intense. Therefore it is unfair to many people from ordinary family backgrounds

Situation 2: Due to the normalization of the epidemic, young people have begun to reflect on the consequences of industrialization, the internet, and the progress of globalization in the world, and they have cultivated an optimistic attitude and engaged in the so-called “real life”

Situation 3: Social networks and life are closely connected, young people share ‘real life” through social networks, find users with the same philosophy of life and hobbies, and form interest circles

Coping mode:

  • Self-preservation: Under the influence of uncertainty and powerlessness in the general environment, young people should focus and take care of themselves, whether physically, mentally or conceptually. A reasonable pursuit of a stable and happy life with a peaceful mind is also an acceptable life

  • Looking around: This generation of young people is considered a “lifestyle social” generation, and online platforms based on similar interests and hobbies have a greater influence on them. Therefore, young people should be more aware of the importance of their surroundings and pay more attention to the people around them, even if they are geographical people, such as neighbours, friends and parents

  • Rational decision-making: The data show that young people in this generation are a generational group with high cultural literacy. They have a strong sense of reflection, and a better understanding of social risks, they are relatively more cautious in their decisions, especially when it comes to their own needs and self-esteem, and they can act more rationally in terms of relationships, consumption, marriage and work

Invest in real-life emerging trends

  • Warming up the neighbourhood: The number of related notes increased by 213% YoY in 2022. Many people began to know their neighbours in the community by looking for people “nearby” to shop and barter in groups due to the shortage of materials during the epidemic. For this reason, young people are more likely to be actively involved in community activities, going to community alleys, or drinking coffee and chatting with neighbours. Keywords in the note include community activities, stores, buildings, etc.

  • Eat local authentic flavours: The number of relevant notes increased by 227% YoY in 2022, largely due to young people no longer wanting to be limited to restaurants marketed by chains, homogenization, and influencers, and have begun to explore authentic restaurants that only locals know as new destinations. Young people are beginning to prefer local specialities and local customs, such as Liuzhou luosifen snail noodles, Hainan coconut chicken and other local delicacies. Keywords in the note are greasy spoon, local delicacies, home-cooked dishes for a super meal, etc.

  • On a trip: The number of notes increased by 193% YoY in 2022, many people seek compensatory travel in the new year due to the long stays at home caused by the epidemic, they cherish the opportunity to travel more and are willing to invest more effort, time and money in travel. Young people in first-tier cities are generally under intense pressure, and travel is a much-needed way to relieve stress. The searchable keywords on the notes include a self-drive tour, GanQing Grand Ring Road, Chuanxi self-drive tour, etc.

  • Stress relief: The number of related notes increased by 303% YoY in 2022. Most people felt powerless and unable to take control of their destiny due to environmental impact, so they had to destress quickly and easily. Over the past few years, simple and easy ways to relieve stress such as watching short relaxation videos, tapping on electronic wooden fish to gain tranquillity, and walking paper dogs for company and fun, etc. have become increasingly popular. Relevant notes that people often search for include stress relief videos, slimes, yoga and so on.

Overall, the life trend in 2023 is more inclined to invest and engage in real life. After experiencing various environmental pressures and difficulties, actively experiencing and pursuing an innovative life will be the new trend of contemporary young people, which is also Xiaohongshu’s wish for 2023 in this report.

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