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2021 China Internet Advertising Market Insights

QuestMobile recently released the 2021 China Internet Advertising Market insights report.

It is estimated that in 2022, while the advertising market maintains single-digit growth, the Internet advertising market growth will remain in double digits. Among them, from 2019 to 2021, the proportion of mobile Internet advertising will continue to remain at around 89%, PC advertising will drop to around 5% year by year, and the proportion of OTT and smart hardware advertising will gradually increase to 5.8%

The marketing advertising market is expected to maintain growth, and OTT and other forms of advertising will continue to seize the share of PCs. Driven by smart applications and interactive scenarios, multi-screen + language will become a new entry matrix to expand advertising touchpoints. It can be seen that mobile phones and APPs are the current mainstream entrances, and short video medium is growing day by day and is further expanding the advertising capacity pool and advertising revenue.

According to the analysis of advertising insights data, a higher viscosity partnership has been established based on brands and channels, accelerating the habit of online consumption migration, and promoting the growth of e-commerce. Video platforms can bring continuous marketing touchpoints and value to brands through highly sticky and personalized recommendation content.

Due to the layout of giant media and the expansion of traffic ecology and the ADX platform, which drives growth, and the requirement of brands to accurately reach and prompt advertising efficiency, the demand for programmatic advertising has increased, allowing more platforms to integrate third-party traffic for secondary distribution.

For a complete analysis of the marketing characteristics of 10 top industries for 2021, request a copy of the report from us (in Chinese). We focus this blog on the upcoming major advertising & marketing trends for 2022.

Trend 1: Product Marketing

Compared with the conventional path to promote marketing and sales through targeted goals (market and demand) according to the annual marketing plan, the innovative marketing sales route is to promote new products/product upgrades and agile marketing to stimulate market demand and increase the frequency of purchases.

Trend 2: Advertising Sales

Internet advertising is still an important marketing method and means, by shortening the link from advertising to purchasing, it directly stimulates consumption with price through advertising creativity and themes, making sales orientation more prominent. Brands at different stages of development should cut in from different angles to achieve conversion.

Emerging brands should "take advantage" through KOL/KOC or platform influence, in order to let users know about the brand and longing for its products, and those with brand influence need to continuously strengthen the user's familiarity with the brand and products, so as to develop the habit of use. After the marketing forms are enriched, advertising in 2022 will pay more attention to conversion (private domain conversion, sales conversion, etc.), and thus the pure display form will continue to decline.

Trend 3: Channel Diversion

Brand positioning + product portfolio (new products, flagship products, product series, etc.) + channel positioning/combination to form a marketing matrix, develop sales for different market segments, media and channel traffic become the basis of marketing. Brand advertising and channel cooperation are even closer, the channel's diversion value is ahead of the sales value, offline channels may become a new breakthrough point, and channel drainage will become the focus of marketing.

Trend 4: Closed-loop Media

The media locks cooperation with brands through traffic ecology, tools and closed-loop service methods. Driven by giant traffic ecological barriers, personal privacy protection requirements and user development marketing methods of content marketing, coupled with the need for data and data linkage, the closed-loop optimization of data process nodes and links generated by rich interactive forms in marketing provides more favourable development conditions for Martech or Adtech.

Trend 5: Content IP

By creating their own IP, or even extending content marketing methods such as creating topics, or producing IP content, brands accumulate points for marketing, accumulate value for the brand and continuously brand exposure.

Based on the above, the 2022 advertising marketing market will focus more on links, channels and ecology, and digital marketing has become clear learning.

To learn more about the 2021 analysis of various industries and how to better prepare for 2022 contact us!

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