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2022 China Marketing Trends - Popular Consumer Group Insights Report Analysis

Entering the year 2022, many changes have taken place in the China market environment. According to the “2022 Popular Consumer Group Insights” report released by GeTui, through the combination of big data and current China market trends and consumption hotspots, it is found that there are many changes in the China market environment and identifies 6 types of popular groups:

  1. Post-95s

  2. Health Preservation Group

  3. Exquisite Boy

  4. Pet Keeper

  5. Smart Device Enthusiasts

  6. The Hipsters

Post-95s have become the main consumer stream

The new youth of the Z era have become the main consumer stream in China. Most of the post-95s have set up their own families, and they have been promoted to novice parents and began to dominate household consumption. According to the report, the TGI (Target Group Index) preference value of the post-95s for the above apps is greater than 1, which means that the post-95s will pursue cost-effectiveness when shopping. But that doesn’t stop them from paying for their own interest. Consumers born in the 1995s will still buy skins, equipment, etc. in the game.

People have further enhanced health awareness

With the impact of the epidemic on our daily life, people gradually pay more attention to health, and a health preservation consumer group has gradually emerged. With regards to this, the health preservation group is more sensitive to weight management. They are keener to self-cook and buy fresh ingredients online for better health quality. In addition, sleep management is also a focus for them. They will study and understand the knowledge and way of health preservation on the internet, thus recently health care app has been downloaded more by China people. Based on the analysis of the report, the health preservation consumer group, women pay more attention to health, accounting for 83.27%. At the same time, the post-95s generation and parents pay more attention to health preservation.

In addition, the health preservation consumer group began to study health protection knowledge, gradually became accustomed to the trend of online diagnosis and treatment, and pursued the health creed of “eat well, sleep well and no weight gaining”.

Men are also promoted to senior skincare and beauty experts

More China men are gradually promoted to senior skincare and beauty experts. They are more particular about the exquisite life from the inside out and gradually began to use facials, taste fine wine, learn horsemanship, and enjoy music. This type of exquisite men understands skincare and loves fashionable clothes and will read through reviews when shopping. They will also big brands through live broadcast and e-commerce platforms, and buy new products from overseas, propping up another consumer market.

Pet merchandise hits high record among e-commerce platforms

According to the reports, China people who love pets tend to be the young generation aged 25-34, accounting for up to 53.90%. Most of the people who love pets are programmers, and their spending power shall not be underestimated, which belongs to a high level. This group of pet-loving groups will cook for pets themselves, and occasionally take them to travel around by car during leisure time. At the same time, they will also make good use of smart devices to manage their pets remotely, and love to share their pet’s beautiful photos on various social networking platforms.

Smart hardware consumption and digital scenario marketing re-upgrade

Based on the report, most of China’s smart device enthusiasts are 25-34 years old post-90s male programmers with high spending power levels. They are online community experts who pursue a smart life that is convenient, comfortable, and safe. In addition, they also love learning, passionate about communicating with online communities, willing to pay for more knowledge points on multiple China knowledge platforms, pay for knowledge.

The “fashionable economy” is booming

In China “hipsters” is also a point that has recently attracted many people’s attention. The spending power of the “hipsters” group is quite strong, and most of them are young college students aged 18-24. Moreover, according to the reports, the proportion of women in the “hipsters” group in China is as high as 56.01%, and women are more fascinated with hipsters’ trends than men. They are keener to socialize with pictures, and they are all senior anime fans, who like cute elements and cute pets. China’s hipster group is the main consumer group in the second-hand market, and they will use second-hand trade apps to exchange or buy hipsters goods with friends, just to collect more toys and complete the “Wishlist”

The main consumer groups in 2022 will come from these 6 types. Except for the novice parents who are born after 1995, most of them are high-spending level groups, who love life, have individual hobbies and are more willing to pay for their hobbies. Marketing seems to be heading for a different trend in 2022!

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