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Youku Screencast Interactive Advertising Marketing Report

TV screencasting is the display of the screen of mobile device A on the TV screen in “real-time”, also known as the same screen, screen sharing, multi-screen interaction, etc. After years of development, China’s projection screen has gradually entered a stage of stable growth. Miaozhen and Youku jointly published the “Research Report on the Marketing Value of Youku Screencast Interactive Advertising”, based on which we have compiled the following overview.

From the preparatory stage in 2003 to the current stable development stage, screencasting has successfully attracted hundreds of millions of users. Screencasting features are increasingly abundant and have a stronger advertising impact. Together with the continuously improved screen effects, dual-screen interactive content has attracted users’ attention and engagement. The dwell time of screencasting users continues to increase, with the average daily viewing time reaching 1.82 hours, the average number of days of use per week reaching 2.85 days, and the proportion of screencasting users has increased by 52%. Users mainly use screencasting for “screen sharing” or “interpersonal sharing” of content, and will simultaneously open the shopping apps to shop while watching and interacting online.

Screencasting marketing has gradually become a shared marketing resource for the home scene, with up to 52% of users accessing marketing information through “TV screencast advertising”, indicating that screencasting has become one of the main channels for smart TV users to access marketing information. Based on the advantages of “wider coverage”, “friendly duration”, “audience attention”, and other advantages of screencasting advertising, up to 68% of users have been longing for screencasting ads and trust and accept screencasting ads.

“Screencast interactive advertising” is a new form of large-screen marketing for smart homes, using the high-definition visual effects of the large TV screen, it can effectively help brands establish recognition, deepen impressions, and successfully fulfil users’ desires, while mobile phones deliver synchronous purchase methods to users, which effectively helps brands shorten the conversion path and quickly improve conversion efficiency.

User Analysis of Youku Screencast Ads

  • Mainly young and middle-aged people with high education, the average age is 32.3 years old, which is slightly lower than the average age of smart home large screens of 32.6 years old.

  • A balanced ratio of male and female users, with 53.7% female users and 46.3% male users

  • 63.8% of young users and middle-aged users aged 26-40 years old

  • 61.3% of users with a bachelor’s degree or above, and the proportion of users with a master’s degree or above is significantly higher than the average of smart home large-screen users

  • Covering all levels of cities, Youku users in the first-line cities (first-tier, new first-tier, second-tier) have a high screencasting usage rate, with a weekly usage rate of more than 55%

  • Most users have small families and stable family relationships, while the proportion of “small families” with two generations is more than half, and the proportion of “couple world” users is higher than the overall level of smart home large screens.

  • Users pay attention to their quality of life, follow fashion trends, and moderate impulse consumption, while the average monthly income and expenditure are higher than the average level of smart home users

  • 52.6% of users cast their screens more than 3 days a week, and more than 85% of Youku users have an average viewing time of more than 1 hour per day

Advantages of Youku screencast interactive advertising marketing

Youku has a member + non-member user ecology with 30million+ MAU, users have high purchasing power and focus on the quality of life in pursuit of fashion trends. Youku screencast traffic has high commercial value and reaches, effectively engaging users through real-time dual-screen interaction. Youku screencast interactive ads have higher adoption, credibility, and high appeal, up to 41.9% of users have craved products in the past six months, and 52.6% of users have purchased products within 3 days of product craving.

  • Traffic+: Nearly 90% of Youku screencasting users have a Youku mobile membership. Users who cannot be reached by video pre-roll ads can be more effectively covered by Youku screencast interactive ads. Youku screencasting users have used an average of 2.3 Youku video platform membership benefits in the past month. Youku screencast interactive advertising has broader marketing coverage

  • Form+: The brand-new style of casting ads provides real-time interaction and a dual-screen window experience

  • Reach+: Compared to the average level of large-screen smart home ads, Youku screencast interactive ads have significant advantages in reach. The reach capabilities of Youku’s screencast interactive advertising on the large screen (OTT) and small screen (mobile) are higher than that of smart home advertising

  • Touch+: Youku screencast has become an important advertising or marketing information point for users, mainly due to the Youku screencast interactive ads have strong appeal and won users’ acceptance and trust. Within half a year, 41.9% of users were attracted by screencast ads and purchased the products within 3 days after product longing

To learn more about Youku screencast interactive ads, please contact us. To access the full report, click here to download.

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