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2022 China 11.11 Insight Report: 900 million e-commerce users

Double Eleven is China's shopping carnival, a day of large-scale promotions. The Double Eleven promotion plays a stimulating role, by effectively boosting consumer enthusiasm and achieving the rhythm of two waves of bursts. QuestMobile released the "2022 Double Eleven Insight Report ", from which we have compiled excerpts from the report. Although e-commerce consumption in China has shown steady growth, there are signs of a slowdown.

According to the report, the DAU of the mobile shopping APP from the end of October to the beginning of November reached 800 million, an increase of 100 million year-on-year, presenting the first wave of breakouts. The second wave of breakouts occurred on the day of Double Eleven, during which the DAU also increased by 100 million compared to last year, reaching a traffic peak of 900 million.

Taobao, Pinduoduo, and are the leading e-commerce platforms, and their user engagement continued to increase during Double Eleven, with the same rhythm of user fluctuation as in previous years. The payment rhythm at 8 p.m. has become a marketing opportunity for the major e-commerce platforms, and this kind of big promotion helps to stimulate user activity and activate new users.

The portraits of new users of each leading e-commerce platform are different. During the first wave of the pre-sale period, Taobao’s new users are mainly middle-aged and older users born in the 70s and 60s, while Pinduoduo’s new users are post-80s and post-70s, and on, there are new female users and mainly first-tier markets.

The overlap between users of leading e-commerce companies such as Taobao, Pinduoduo, and increased by 6.1% YoY, reaching 36.21 million. The characteristics of cross-platform comparison and purchase by users become more obvious on the last day of the first wave of sales. Large promotions can still stimulate consumption, but users have clear rational consumption goals, leading to increased competition for users between platforms.

During Double Eleven in 2022, brands have invested up to 96.9% of their advertising costs in e-commerce, the big promotional advertisements will drive the overall launch, and major brands are using the big promotion to drive traffic toward private traffic. Live streaming platforms continue to be an efficient conversion channel and with the popularity of live streaming for large sales, the number of goods has continued to grow.

Brands are also partnering with joint channels to launch synchronously during the big promotion period to increase brand exposure. Major platforms have upgraded their marketing tools to strengthen the concept of precise targeting to achieve efficient matching of platform targeting resources.

The TOP5 advertising media during Double Eleven in 2022 are instant messaging (330 million), online video (200 million), search and download (70 million), short video (70 million), and Weibo social (60 million). According to QuestMobile's report, the beauty care industry led the advertising spending during Double Eleven in 2022, showing fierce competition in the beauty care industry. Facial care is the most important category in the beauty industry. As internationally famous brands have sufficient marketing budgets, it has taken up the most marketing resources. The next important advertising category is the shampoo and haircare category which falls in the personal care industry

The marketing and sales channels of fast-moving consumer goods are still dominated by live-streaming e-commerce and the sales record of facial care is remarkable, and it has been extended to home products. The proportion of sales of facial care on e-commerce platforms was Douyin (34.4%) and Kuaishou (45.4%).

Please contact us to learn more about the 2022 Double Eleven insights report.

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