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Unveiling the Power of "His" Economy: Explore the 2023 Male Consumer Insights Report

Discover the untapped potential of the male consumer market in our comprehensive analysis of the 2023 Male Consumer Insights by QuestMobile. While the rise of the "Her" economy has received significant attention, the importance of the "His" economy should not be overlooked. Based on the insightful report by QuestMobile, this article presents key highlights that shed light on the male consumer landscape.

User Characteristics:

With the continuous growth of male active users on mobile internet, it is crucial to understand their characteristics and preferences. As of April 2023, male users account for 50.5% of the total online user base, reaching a staggering 611 million. Within this segment, users aged 31 to 50 make up 43.9%, predominantly residing in first-tier, new first-tier, and second-tier cities, accounting for nearly half of the male user base. Despite the overall decline of 1.2% in average monthly usage time across all online users, male users have shown a remarkable 1.0% increase, averaging 163.8 hours of usage per month. This surge in usage time highlights their strong purchasing power, with a noticeable rise in the proportion of users spending over a thousand yuan on online transactions.

Interests and Behaviors:

The male demographic exhibits a strong interest in various areas, including finance, gaming, and technology. They display a keen inclination towards entertainment, spending considerable time on local lifestyle, entertainment, and information platforms. Moreover, male users prefer exploring diverse types of content, such as finance, automotive, and technology, across various new media platforms. Their wide range of hobbies and interests reflects a diverse and engaged user base.

Consumer Motivations:

The flourishing "His" economy witnesses increased male engagement in the automotive, social entertainment, and financial sectors. Platforms focused on entertainment, gaming, and live streaming continue to attract male users, while niche content, such as anime on Bilibili and sports events on Migu Video, align with their specific interests, leading to sustained growth in user numbers. Furthermore, males exhibit higher acceptance of credit consumption, with major credit card apps expanding their offerings in high-frequency consumption scenes related to dining, entertainment, and leisure, effectively attracting a larger male user base.

Expanding Male Consumer Sector:

The sectors of male consumption continue to expand as they exert their purchasing power in traditionally female-dominated markets. Social media has become an essential window for male consumers to explore fashion and personal style. The rise of the "refined male" trend has sparked new demands in fashion consumption. The search and discussion of beauty and skincare-related content among males have surged, leading to a significant increase in beauty expenditures. Skincare brands with independent product lines for men are increasingly favoured by male users, highlighting their emphasis on brand choices.

The online shopping experience satisfies male consumers' rational and convenient shopping needs by providing quick access to product information and price comparisons. Consequently, the proportion of male users engaging in e-commerce continues to grow. As a significant force in-home appliance consumption, their attention has shifted to personalized small appliances, driven by the rise of intelligent cleaning devices like robotic vacuum cleaners and kitchen appliances such as air fryers.

From their strengthening online purchasing power to the expanding domains of consumption, the male consumer market demands attention. As consumer preferences continue to evolve, the "His" economy holds tremendous potential, particularly in the beauty and skincare sector. Explore this dynamic market further by partnering with us today. Contact us now to unlock the power of the male consumer market and drive your business forward!

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