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Transforming Complexions: The Rise of Precision Skincare in China for 2023

The skincare landscape in China has evolved dramatically over the years, and 2023 marks a significant milestone. A joint report by iResearch Consulting and Amiro highlights the emerging trends in precision skincare. This article delves into the key insights from the report.

The Evolution of Skincare in China

Basic Skincare (Brand-Centric): Initially, Chinese consumers focused on basic skincare needs like cleansing and hydration, with a limited understanding of skin issues.

Ingredient-Based Skincare (Efficacy-Centric): As awareness grew, consumers started paying attention to product ingredients and their effects, leading to the popularity of concepts like "Vitamin C in the morning, Vitamin A at night."

Precision Skincare (Result-Centric): The latest trend focuses on scientific and precise skincare, combining skincare ingredients with beauty device technology for targeted treatment.

What is Precision Skincare?

Precision skincare is a next-gen approach that combines optoelectronic technology and precision medicine. It aims for ingredient certainty and dosage control, offering personalized, precise prevention and treatment. Despite a late start compared to Western and other Asian countries, China's domestic beauty devices and effective skincare products are gaining consumer trust.

Market Overview

The report estimates that by 2023, the precision skincare market in China will reach 61.6 billion yuan, with home beauty devices contributing 15 billion yuan and effective skincare products making up the remaining 46.6 billion yuan.

User Insights

The primary consumers of precision skincare are well-educated women aged 25-39 with middle to high income, mainly in first and second-tier cities. As age increases, skincare methods become more diverse and specialized. About 35.1% of these women engage in skincare routines twice or more daily. The key factors influencing skincare product purchases are efficacy, safety, and ingredients.

R&D and Industry Development

Previously, consumers viewed effective skincare products and beauty devices as separate entities. However, technological advancements and the growing demand for personalized skincare have led to the integration of these products. This provides a more comprehensive and precise skincare solution, focusing on various skin issues like whitening, moisturizing, anti-ageing, and acne treatment.

Technological Innovations

Technological advancements have introduced innovative active ingredients, making skincare more precise, effective, and controllable. Digital skin analysis is expected to offer more intelligent and customized diagnostic solutions.

The precision skincare industry in China is at an exciting juncture, promising more personalized and effective skincare solutions. As consumer awareness grows and technology advances, the market is set to expand further.

Interested in diving deeper into these trends? Contact us to find out more or download the full report here.

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