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Douyin's Guide to Living Your Best Summer in the City: The 2023 Report

Summer is more than just a season; it's a state of mind. As the temperatures rise, so does our enthusiasm for life. Douyin, China's leading social media platform, has released its Summer City Life Report for 2023, offering a comprehensive look at how people are embracing the season. From food and drinks to outdoor activities and lifestyle trends, here's what's hot this summer according to Douyin.

Beat the Heat with Summer Delights

  • Ice-Cold Refreshments

Summer calls for ice-cold treats, and Douyin users are all about it. Video content related to chilled beers, cold sodas, and frozen watermelons saw a whopping 4.8 billion views between May and June. The demand for summer beverages is skyrocketing, with a 10-fold increase compared to the first four months of the year.

  • The Rise of Tea and Coffee

Milk tea and coffee have become the go-to summer refreshments. Douyin's lifestyle service platform reported an 83% and 102% month-on-month increase in orders for these beverages. Interestingly, 75% of these orders were placed by women, highlighting a strong female preference for these drinks.

Outdoor Adventures for a Memorable Summer

  • Beaches and Beyond

Summer is the perfect time for outdoor escapades. Whether it's beach outings, horseback riding on grasslands, or deep-sea fishing, Douyin users are capturing and sharing their unique experiences. Content related to beaches saw a 70% increase in likes, indicating their popularity as summer destinations.

  • The Rise of Self-Drive Tours

Self-drive tours are gaining traction, especially among the 31-40 age group. Routes like the Northwest Grand Loop are becoming increasingly popular, offering breathtaking natural and cultural experiences.

Summer Fitness Trends

  • City Walks Take Center Stage

City Walks, essentially urban strolls, have seen a 26-fold increase in monthly growth. This trend suggests that people are becoming more health-conscious and are seeking fun ways to stay active during the summer.

  • Traditional Chinese Exercises

The ancient Chinese exercise form, "Ba Duan Jin," is making a comeback. It's a simple yet effective way to stay fit and is particularly popular among young people.

Indoor Entertainment for a Balanced Summer

  • Museums and Exhibitions

Indoor entertainment options like museums and exhibitions are also seeing a surge in popularity. With the arrival of summer, venues like convention centres and museums are becoming hotspots for Douyin users.

  • Live Performances

Music festivals and concerts are back in full swing, and their related content on Douyin has seen exponential growth. It seems that the upbeat summer weather pairs well with the lively atmosphere of these events.

Douyin: The Ultimate Hub for an Unforgettable Summer Experience

From mouth-watering summer recipes to adventurous travel plans, Douyin is your go-to hub for everything summer-related. Here's why:

  • Plan Your Summer Getaway with Douyin's Lifestyle Services

Douyin isn't just about watching; it's about doing. From self-drive tours along breathtaking routes like the Northwest Grand Loop to deep-sea fishing experiences, Douyin offers curated travel packages that you can book directly through the app.

  • Cultural Enrichment: Douyin's Take on Arts and Museums

With a growing focus on museums and exhibitions, you can virtually tour cultural venues or find out about upcoming events in your area.

  • Live Summer Entertainment: Music Festivals and More on Douyin

Douyin offers exclusive behind-the-scenes content and live streams, bringing the concert experience right to your screen.

To explore further details about advertising opportunities on Douyin, please contact our team or download the report here.

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