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Unlocking the Secrets of Summer Marketing

Summer is not just a season; it's a phenomenon that drives consumer behaviour, and understanding this can be a game-changer for businesses. QuestMobile's 2023 Summer Marketing Insights Report delves deep into this, offering a comprehensive analysis of online and offline multi-dimensional marketing strategies that are key to winning the summer game.

The Resurgence of Consumer Spending

As consumer spending rebounds, the summer content market is booming with fierce competition. The drama market, particularly costume dramas, has seen a significant share of 12.3% in the overall content. The film market has also witnessed a surge, with domestic productions taking the lead. Offline cultural events like concerts and music festivals have set new records in fan engagement.

The Rise of Domestic Films

Domestic films are not just gaining traction; they are dominating the market with diverse themes catering to audiences of all age groups. For instance, the film "Lost in the Stars" garnered nearly 20,000 articles and close to 50 million interactions in its first week alone. Films have become an extension of commercial value, serving as symbols of intellectual property.

Concerts and Music Festivals: The New Marketing Frontier

Concerts and music festivals have emerged as hotspots for summer spending in 2023. The core consumer group here is young females, who are also driving local tourism. While concerts are booming, they are also exploring new business models.

The Power of Hot Topics

Whether it's mainstream or niche, hot topics are the focal points for traffic exposure. The summer travel fever has led to a rise in advertising, with the online travel industry reaching a user base of 165 million in July 2023, a 5.7% increase compared to the same period in 2019. Online travel platforms are intensifying their advertising efforts, primarily focusing on the ambience and discounts offered by hotels to attract travellers. The competition in this space is fierce, to say the least. Theme parks like Disneyland are seizing user attention through extensive advertising and park theme renewals.

F&B Industry: Engaging Users Through Themed Marketing

The Food and Beverage industry is gearing up for the summer with advanced marketing strategies. Brands are focusing on both online and offline touchpoints to deepen user engagement. They are also emphasizing the alignment of marketing themes, IP collaborations, and trending topics with their products.

Women's Soccer World Cup: A Marketing Playground

The Women's Soccer World Cup has caught the public's attention, and brands are jumping on the bandwagon. Dairy products, alcohol, and sportswear brands are particularly active, either becoming event sponsors or signing individual athletes for marketing.

City Walk: The New Lifestyle Trend

City Walk has become a new lifestyle trend, especially among post-2000s females. Brands are extending to this consumer scene by leveraging its popularity.

Multi-Channel Precision Marketing

Brands are synchronizing their exposure across various channels to achieve conversions. Short video platforms are the most favoured by advertisers, absorbing over 40% of advertising costs. More advertisers are also increasing their social media spending, primarily to drive traffic to private domains and improve marketing efficiency.

The Rise of Automotive Brands in Travel Advertising

The increase in the summer travel audience has added more marketing value to travel service mediums. Among advertisers, automotive brands that align well with travel scenarios are taking the lead. As people plan road trips and excursions, car brands are seizing this opportunity to place themselves at the forefront of this summer trend.

The Future of Summer Marketing

The competition among brands is gradually shifting towards e-commerce channels, driven by major promotions. QuestMobile data shows that the beauty and skincare industry is allocating over 30% of its advertising budget to e-commerce. Offline touchpoints are diverse, and a broad layout can be costly. Therefore, marketing should be centred around key or hot scenes.

In summary, the QuestMobile 2023 Summer Marketing Insights Report provides a treasure trove of data and insights that can help businesses strategize their summer marketing campaigns effectively. The key takeaway is to be agile and adaptive, focusing on both online and offline channels to capture the consumer's attention and wallet.

For a deeper dive into how these insights can be tailored to your business, contact us to find out more.

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