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Insights Report - 2021 Online Social Behaviour

Mobtech and TT Voice recently released the "Online Social Behaviour Insights Report of Net Generation in 2021", which provides insight into the growing background, group characteristics, and online social behaviour of the Net generation (1995s and 2000s).

This report defines the 1995s and 2000s generation as the "Net Generation". The number of Net Generation has exceeded 300 million, accounting for nearly 30% of all Internet users, making it a well-deserved new force in the growth of the mobile Internet. They grew up with the Internet and are digital natives.

Analysis of group profile of Chinese Net generation:

  • They are freedom-loving, independent, and have a strong sense of individuality. They focus on self-perception and self-expression. They are not willing to be constrained and are willing to take the initiative to consume to please themselves. They are more willing to show their real selves in the virtual world than in the real world.

  • The 1st-tier cities are under great economic pressure, and the fertility desire is relatively weak. Nearly 60% of the net generation is distributed in 3rd-tier cities and below.

  • In terms of their educational background, 38.9% have a bachelor's degree, and 40.9% have a high school degree or below. Nearly 70% have a monthly income of less than 5,000 RMB.

  • Online games are their favourite online entertainment, followed by short videos and online music.

Online Behavior Insights of Chinese Net Generation:

  • Nearly 90% of them use social networking tools to make friends, and spend more than 2 hours a day on social apps, which peaked during the epidemic.

  • Online social products are diversified, which can be divided into two categories: acquaintances and strangers. Acquaintances' social products include WeChat, QQ, Yixin, etc. Stranger social products are diversified, including social games, knowledge social, music social, dating social, etc.

  • They prefer to socialize with strangers rather than their social circle of acquaintances. Lonely net generations are anxious to be accepted by their peers, preferring to associate with people who share the same interests rather than physical or physical attractiveness.

  • Verbal communication has become a common form of online socialization among the Net Generation, who believe that verbal communication is more accurate and warmer than written language. In addition, similar interests are the primary criteria for choosing voice communication partners, and they are also important topics to get familiar with quickly.

  • Among all kinds of interest social apps, heterosexual social and game social stand out.

Insights on social behaviour in games by Chinese Net Generation:

  • Net generations send emojis in social games to promote friendship and encourage friends to warm up.

  • Men are the main spenders, accounting for 70%. Mainly pay for game scripts, game skins, etc.

  • Social gaming has become a new form of social networking among the Net generation. They play every week, and the average duration is 1-2 hours.

  • The game social time period is consistent with the daily work and rest. The active game social time is noon and lunch break and evening respectively, and the peak is from 6 pm to 10 pm.

Future trends:

  • Net generation has a unique "circle culture", the trend of circle social will become more obvious in the future, the common circle has become a social pass.

  • Net generation consumes social interaction and their own happiness, so all kinds of social platforms will become the main channels for “seeding”.

Download complete report (in Chinese)

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