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New Development Trends of New Consumer Brands

According to Morketing’s observation of new consumer brands, it is found that new consumer brands are starting to use different marketing methods from previous brands in the early stages of development. They are moving toward the development direction of the “endogenous force” stage. Morketing spoke to several new consumer brands and below are some key points.

1. Online to Offline

Generally speaking, new consumer brands will start to develop online at the initial stage and will turn to offline at a certain stage, but at present, new consumer brands are beginning to move to the offline model, and formulate the operation method suitable for their own brand according to the brand positioning. The main reason for the brand to switch offline is to give consumers a deeper experience, as most of the experience of online channels can only be experienced in terms of packaging, logistics speed, after-sales, etc., and as there is a slight error, it will face bad reviews. Therefore, opening a store has become the choice for some new consumer brands to go offline, allowing consumers to have a real feeling in purchasing products and have a deeper communication and interaction between brands and consumers.

Case:Naitangpai will focus to create brand space, where bier can try on products and get better solutions for chest shaping and wearing problems.

2. Brand upgrade

Logo and positioning should be in line with the business philosophy of the enterprise. The brand’s cultural characteristics and value orientation are the specific symbols of the enterprise spirit. New consumer brands pay more attention to brand positioning and logo, and make adjustments according to the development of their own brands in many aspects, for example, by further optimising from the visual point of view and tonality of the brand. For example, visually choosing a colour contrast with strong senses; while the design can enhance the user’s memory is the key, it is mainly necessary to combine brand elements to show the uniqueness of the brand.

Case: Canban has actively re-upgraded in positioning and vision to enrich the brand tone.

3. Enhance brand value

With the upgrade of the brand, the value of the brand also increases, especially if you want to attract new customers and repurchase, “brand power” is the key. At this stage, it has been observed that new consumer brands have transformed from simply selling products to selling spiritual culture. Most of the new consumer brands are promoting their brands by amateurs, not celebrities with high traffic.

Case: In order to convey the brand attitude of “Live Different”, moody invited Yamy Guo Ying, Jiang Sida and other guests to shoot the first brand attitude film in the new year, expressing their respective life experiences and insisting on “different” in life, the main purpose is to hope to awaken everyone’s inner self.

4. Use media to expand brand awareness

The media traffic is one of the keys for brands to gain attention and reach more target groups, from social platforms or large-scale events, we can see that new consumer brands frequently appear and accept media interviews, it is to expose new brands to more people, and to establish and expand the brand value. Brands not only increase the brand’s trust in consumers’ hearts by means of higher-cost offline advertising such as elevator advertisements, sponsoring TV dramas, variety shows, and signing new spokespersons but also build brand awareness through social media promotion. For example, a well-known coffee brand in China has placed advertisements in the popular TV dramas around the office plot, in order to have the opportunity to arouse the interest of viewers, especially office workers.

5. Data tools

Most new consumer brands choose lightweight and small tools and platforms that are less cost-intensive, suitable for their own brands and can help brands bring efficient traffic and data analysis, realize the optimization of the existing investment and operation mode, and enhance the growth and long-term development of the brand with more benefits in the future.

6. Strengthen content marketing

Content marketing provides consumers with different product content and then guides users to produce content independently through the planning of activity content, such as using hot spots or life scenes to create product story content, driving users to generate associations, and leaving a deep impression on the brand. In the next few years, new consumer brands will continue to focus on content. For them, it is not only the role of interacting or connecting with users but more deeply from the perspective of brand attitude to promote the brand’s own philosophy.

Case: YIN has launched a recycling plan for packaging of the brand’s iconic glass pyramid jewellery box – “Returning Plan” under social responsibility, to encourage users to return the idle pyramid jewellery box to YIN for the material of sustainable artistic creative.

To sum up the above, all the actions of new consumer brands at this stage are centred on “brand building”, and it is foreseeable that new consumer brands are starting to become more complete and developing towards a systematic development.

For more detailed information, please contact us to obtain the original text (in Chinese).

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