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Xunfei AI report - impact of Pandemic on Chinese consumer

JAPAN, THAILAND, SOUTH KOREA - top 3 choices for Chinese to travel once the pandemic is over.

In the face of the impact of virus on different industries, Xunfei AI officially released the report, focusing on the eight industries include tourism, finance, automobile, electricity, fresh food, games, education and health, in-depth observation to interpret user behaviour under the virus and grasp the development trend of the industry after the outbreak.

The travel desire of consumers was very low during the virus as entire family stayed locked down at home. The report data show that the mentions of "tourism", "air ticket", "hotel", the three major tourism keywords are significantly reduced.

It is predicted that the travel industry will see a retaliatory increase after the outbreak ends -- the focus on the recent holiday keyword "Qing Ming" during the virus period decreased by 20.8% year on year, but users' enthusiasm for such holidays as "May Day", "Dragon Boat Festival" and "National Day" is significantly higher than 2019, the number of mentions of "May Day" increased by 41.1% year on year. Thus, Chinese users can't wait to travel during the May Day holiday. If the global outbreak improves, the travel industry is expected to attract an outbreak of Chinese tourists during the May Day holiday.

How will the industry develop in the post-epidemic era?

During the epidemic, consumer demand was suppressed and the industry was severely affected. The report predicts that after the epidemic, under the stimulus of compensatory consumption by consumers , industries such as catering, e-commerce, beauty salons, and apparel will usher in explosive growth; tourism, wealth management, automobiles, and family planning supplies will gradually pick up . The epidemic-affected epidemic prevention consumption, such as medical care, washing and disinfection, will fall back to normal consumption after a period of control. In terms of user behaviour, online education, fresh e-commerce, medical consultation and other APPs that have significantly increased user usage during the epidemic will face a wave of user loss after the epidemic. Driven by strong demand, APPs such as financial management, outdoor sports, e-commerce, and automobiles will usher in the return of users.

Xunfei AI (aka, iflytek) is our data partner at China Data Bank, providing access to their vast data points to help target accurately. You can find the complete report here

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