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Marketing Ideas – Apple Search Ads in China

Finally! Apple Search Ads has arrived in mainland China! On June 22nd 2021 Apple announced the long-awaited launch of Search Ads on the Apple App Store in Mainland China. With around 22% China mobile market share, taking advantage of Apple Search Ads now being available is critical for any developer or marketer concentrating on the territory.

However, China presents several considerations when it comes to running ASA.

Before developers and advertisers can launch their ads in China, they will need to have several permits and documents required by the Chinese government in order.

Ad Content Qualifications

Based on Apple guidelines for Mainland China - – there are several documents requirements to advertise in China. Almost all of these licenses can only be held by a 100% Chinese-owned company (or in some cases a joint venture with Chinese shareholders holding 51% or more) and are therefore impossible for an overseas entity or wholly foreign-owned entity (WFOE) to obtain.

Advertising companies like us can help with this as we hold these licenses and can legally run search ads in China.

Confirmation of Valid Online Agreement

Customers located in mainland China (including advertisers and advertising agencies) must fill out and submit the Confirmation of Valid Online Agreement. This document provides written confirmation that the customer or the customer’s authorized representative validly agreed to the online Apple Advertising Services Terms of Service.

Apple Advertising Review Process

1. After creating your advertising account, you may be required to provide appropriate licenses and other relevant documentation. Make sure that all relevant documents match the Legal Entity Name that you provided during account creation.

2. Your ad content, submitted documents, and account details will be reviewed for approval to run campaigns on the App Store in mainland China.

3. You will be notified if your ad content, submitted documents, and business are approved or if additional information is needed.

4. Upon approval, your advertising campaigns in mainland China will be able to go live on the App Store as scheduled.

For more information about Apple Search Ads, see Apple guidelines or contact us to discuss further.

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