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Insights Report - Tik Tok Conversion Analysis

Douyin has a high monthly user activity rate, and its advertisements have effectively helped brands reach and convert young families. Compared with online video advertisements and traditional media advertisements, Douyin users themselves have a higher percentage of e-commerce buyers. The conversion rate after contact has increased significantly, and the advantage of the long-term conversion rate is also maintained.

Kantar Consumer Index recently released a report on the conversion rate of short video advertisements on Douyin and invited advertisers including beauty, alcohol, and daily cosmetics to conduct research based on historical placement cases. Starting from consumers, this data measures the impact of different platforms and advertising forms on consumers' omnichannel buying behaviour, and then comprehensively evaluates media effects.

Typical Douyin Consumer:

Douyin users account for 60% of urban home buyers in China, and their use time exceeds that of online video by 2.4 times. Among the research on liquor categories, Douyin users spend a higher index in the overall liquor category. In addition, Douyin users have a larger proportion of oral care purchase decision-making groups than online video users. In addition, the whitening skin care products purchased by Douyin users are more high-end, which can help brands promote consumption upgrades. The following data is the

  • Alcohol: Douyin user spending index is 108; online video index is 100

  • Oral care: Douyin user spending index is 103; online video index is 100

  • Beauty: Douyin users purchase unit price index is 106; online video index is 100

Douyin Conversion impact:

According to actual case series and research data, the conversion rate of Douyin ads after three touches has increased significantly than online video ads, and after the ads are exposed, the population's purchase conversion rate in the medium and long-term maintains an advantage. The following is the long-term (12-week) conversion rate index of advertising exposure groups on different platforms (*Comparative control group conversion rate is 100):

  • Douyin - 160

  • Toutiao - 150

  • Xigua - 150

  • Other online video advertising index is only 120

Compared to standard video advertising, Douyin is effective by 33%

In addition, Douyin ads have the highest conversion effect on teenage families, and the core population is biased towards consumers aged 18-34. Among them, the conversion effect is best for consumers aged 25-34, especially for first- and second-tier cities.

Consumer Insight:

The case shows that during the cross-media launch of the brand, the audience labelling through Douyin is not only more accurate and has better targeting ability, but also effectively helps the brand achieve consumption upgrades and promotes the conversion of competing products. In addition, during the launch of new products, the brand promoted the rejuvenation of the brand by targeting young and high-end buyers through the audience label placement, and more accurately reached the high commercial intentions, and at the same time consolidated the brand's loyal buyers.

In summary, Douyin advertisement has the highest conversion rate in actual conversion placements. Douyin has a huge audience base and accurate label targeting which can help advertisers communicate with higher-end e-commerce buyers and increase long-term conversion rates.

Download the full report for further insights.

If you need specific strategies for Douyin advertising and help with campaigns, contact us!

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