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Insights - 6.18 Douyin E-commerce trends

According to the statistics of the Feigua data platform "2021 Douyin 618 Good Things Festival", the volume of the Douyin 6.18 Good Things Festival in 2021 will be 36.04 billion, and the total live broadcast time will be 2,852 hours. Over 153 live broadcast room has a turnover of over 10 million yuan. The sales popularity of Douyin 618 this year has increased significantly compared with last year, and the average customer unit price of goods has increased by three times.

This year's Douyin 6.18 Goods Festival is divided into two stages: the pre-sale period and the event period. Douyin provides a subsidy of 15%-30% to all merchants, combined with pre-sale deposits, interest-free instalments, etc., which greatly reduces users' consumption costs, also increased the promotion of the pre-sale period.

Pre-sales Period Sales:

The pre-sales period saw an outstanding performance in 3C digital and local lifestyle categories. Leading the way during the pre-sale period, through new product pre-sales and interest-free instalments, to lock users in advance, driving the sales of high-customer unit price products such as mobile phones, major appliances and other 3C digital home appliances. At the same time, 3C Digital Home Appliances locked users in advance through the "Payment Full Reduction" campaign, with total sales exceeding 50 million in each of the 5-day pre-sale periods.

On the other hand, Douyin and reached an annual 20 billion cooperation on the eve of 6.18. All of JD’s products are connected to Douyin. Users who purchase JD products through Douyin will not need to jump and enjoy the logistics and after-sales services provided by JD. This greatly improved the user's shopping experience. During the event, JD United Star and Million opened several brand live broadcasts, focusing on high-priced beauty makeup. Relying on the influence of the head anchor to quickly open the market and cultivate the consumption habits of fans. During the 6.18 period, more than 95% of JD's sales came from celebrity promotions.

In addition, Douyin is also accelerating the promotion of local life business this year. It can be seen that during the event, the sales of tourism routes, movie performance ticketing, food card coupons and other categories have increased significantly, which effectively promoted offline store revenues and virtual recharges have also successfully entered the market to open new sales channels.

618 Sales growth category:

1. Hotel / Inn / Apartment Hotel

2. Local life services

3. Agricultural machinery/farm tools/agricultural film

4. Agricultural materials

5. MP3/MP4/recorder

6. Diamond/Emerald/Gold

7. DIY computer

8. Tablet PC

9. Health Food/Dietary Nutritional Supplement Food

10. Festival supplies/gifts

As self-broadcasting of brands gradually becomes popular, brand owners from various industries also entered the market during the 6.18 period to increase the frequency of promotion. For example, the traditional food brand "Wufangzhai" will use the traffic of "Douyin Super Product Festival" and "Dragon Boat Festival" to greatly promote the integration of traditional festivals. As early as 3 weeks before the event (May 25), the pre-heating promotion was carried out on Douyin, and it was co-branded with multiple products to obtain the help of the products to reach higher hot topics. At the beginning of June (before the Dragon Boat Festival), the promotion efforts were increased, such as brand self-broadcasting, top celebrities and celebrity promotion, with an average of more than 170 live broadcasts per day, and the use of holiday hot spots to increase brand sales conversion and obtain higher total sales.

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