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Insights Report - Mafengwo Cultural Tourism Live Streaming

Faced with the sudden physical movement restrictions in 2020, all walks of life began to develop digitally, from e-commerce live streaming, internet medical treatment, online education, to the launch of "travel live streaming" on platforms such as Douyin, Kuaishou, Taobao and MFW. Staying at home, demand for travel content has increased dramatically, more and more users are not satisfied with understanding the travel destination by browsing pictures and texts, but more hope to experience it through live video, short video, etc.

Travel live streaming not only allow users to see the destination, but also experience the most authentic & uinique way to enjoy under the guidance of Travel KOL, official tourism bureau and tourism merchants.

At the same time travel live-streaming meets users’ travel needs, as it brings new opportunities to the tourism industry. For destinations and merchants, travel live-streaming can help them establish long-term channels of communication with users, create high-quality live-streaming content, conduct online marketing, and create and accumulate "online assets." In addition to the digitization of content, innovative marketing services also help the industry build tourism brands.

Compared with entertainment and lifestyle video platforms, MFW travel live-streaming has higher "purity" and "depth" of tourism information, and is dedicated to solving the problem of "what to experience? " and "how to experience? " for tourists, so as to attract users to conduct more in-depth exploration and experience. Data show that the live content of deep experience is favored by 72.88% of users.

The success of MFW travel live-streaming is partially because it treats the whole world as a live-streaming room. It’s not limited to "selling products", but also telling you how to experience and what new ways to experience, which is also an indispensable and important part of live broadcast. For example, the host "Jing Du Xiao Hu" was live-streaming for Fushimi Inari Taisha in Japan, she helped a Beijing audience to get a fortune stick, and the user was excited. While other anchors are still streaming live from the chengdu panda base, the MFW anchor has begun to take viewers into the delivery room to "meet" the newborn pandas, bringing a deeper "experience" to viewers.

According to the report, Phuket, Kyoto, Antarctic, Osaka, and Colon Island are the most popular overseas destinations for Chinese. In-depth experience travel live-streamings are the most popular among users. Among the live streaming viewers, those born between 85’s and 90’s with strong economic strength are the main users of travel live streaming, accounting for more than 50% of the total. Users born between 95’s and 00’s and other generation Z account for more than 20%.

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