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Insights Report – 11.11 Celebrities Marketing Report

According to the "2021 Double Eleven Data Report" released by the WEIQ celebrity platform for Double Eleven this year, celebrities are still an important means of brand marketing. And this year's Double 11 marketing content is the main core, and live broadcasts on major platforms are the main theme.


The data shows that advertisers have made new breakthroughs in their intentional and actual orders during Double 11 in 2021. The number of advertisers placing celebrities has increased by 65% over last year, and the number of participating brands has increased by 55%. In brand placement, celebrities have re-invested more than 80%. During this year's Double 11 event, celebrities created content every 50 seconds on average.

Compared to 2020 --

The scale of launch shows that compared to 2020 the launch rate in 2021 has increased by 40%. It can be seen that the marketing and promotion of the brand by celebrities is still the most effective, and brands are more willing to invest their publicity budget in celebrities. In terms of proportions, compared to Weibo, Xiaohongshu and WeChat, Douyin’s share of the market has increased significantly, mainly because Douyin can attract users to the Tmall shopping platform, while other platforms currently do not support direct users to the online shopping platform.

Characteristic of each platform


  • Based on graphics and long videos, nearly 30 related hot searches have triggered consumer engagement.

  • Celebrities have strong content extensibility on the platform, accelerate brand exposure

  • Beauty and fashion celebrities are favoured by advertisers.

  • Platform stars and fan circles have a strong influence

  • Topic linkage helps products, forming a combination of Weibo volume and e-commerce value.


  • The overall delivery of the platform is still the mainstream of graphic content

  • The video account enriches the content ecology of the platform, and most of them are mainly for brand "product promotion".

  • Emotional, life, culture, technology public accounts, all have long-term stable customers and audiences.


  • The platform has strong entertainment attributes with diverse forms of beauty, comedy, and dramatic plot content.

  • Short video placements and live streaming with goods are the two most important modes of delivery on the platform.

  • During the Double 11 period, the platform launched 10,000 live broadcasts, and brand self-broadcast and Dabo accounted for almost half of shares.

Little Red Book:

  • Female users account for a large proportion, skincare and beauty fashion recommended, unboxed evaluation still occupy a large proportion of the platform.

  • Mid-level KOLs are more cost-effective than top celebrities or KOLs and are generally favoured by brand owners.

  • The proportion of brand owners in KOC has increased, which is the main productivity of platform product planting.

Appeals of celebrity marketing

The expansion of the online market has gradually increased the requirements of brands and audiences for content creation. Brands are increasingly able to grow and sell goods to celebrities, and their ability to convert sales is getting higher and higher, and they pay more attention to the value of content marketing. The audience's ability to identify marketing content has become more mature, and the threshold and standards for celebrities in content creation have gradually increased. Celebrities must use a variety of forms to attract consumers, such as short videos, live broadcasts, evaluation notes, long pictures, etc. Celebrities have their own fan circles, and the precise selection of numbers range from "planting grass" to "pulling the grass" marketing closed-loop leads to highly effective conversion of product sales.

Case study

Campaign: Tmall Double 11 Weibo

Duration: 19/10 -- 11/11

Total exposure 460 million

Total interaction 3.1million

Strategy: Use Weibo KOL+KOC+ small V talent matrix resources to help Tmall's event marketing in the Weibo field, and spread diversified gameplay activities and double 11 preferential information on

Take advantage of the celebrity effect of Weibo to create celebrity social marketing for the main topic of Double 11, leverage fan participation, and maximize the spread of topic influence to e-commerce, so as to increase user purchase conversion.

Campaign: Tmall Double 11 Explosive List Spread

Duration: 25/10 -- 13/11

Total exposure 330 million + Total interactions 2 million

Core gameplay: 2021 Tmall Double 11 "Tmall Official Hot item List" and "Sina Weibo" to create a #BurstIngBeautifulLife# (#爆美好的生活#) topic activity, the topic page online theme content collection, celebrity life report release, explosive good things creative planting contest and other gameplay, inviting stars, big V, users to participate in co-creation.

Relying on Weibo Entertainment's own star short video planting IP, taking advantage of Tmall business opportunities, forming a two-way bonus of Weibo voice + e-commerce value. Through the integration of Weibo sound volume and Tmall sales, brings business value, and continuously affects users' minds with content-based grass and shortens the purchase decision path.

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