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11.11 Shopping - Tips For Success

It’s been more than ten years since the first Double Eleven Shopping Festival. It has become one of the most important marketing activities of major e-commerce platforms. As the years have passed, with more insights, the strategy needs to be adjusted and changed.

Different from the early days of its inception, with the increasing scale of the Double Eleven Shopping Festival, now it is no longer just a one-day event on November 11. The major platforms have stretched their battle lines from pre-heating activities to discounts and promotions have been ready since October. And each platform has its own strengths to create brand characteristics. The changes in consumer spending habits have also caused merchants to adjust their 11.11 strategy accordingly.

Focus on short-form video platforms

The mode of short video + live broadcast + social media is now the standard configuration for the operation of e-commerce shopping festivals of various brands. Through observation, it is not difficult to find that many of today's live broadcasts will invite KOLs or related celebrity spokespersons in a certain field to participate in the live broadcast, which is also more conducive to the brand strengthening the brand image and attracting more consumers' attention. The celebrity anchors match the personality and create an exponential effect for the brands.

In addition, Tencent in 2020 has also injected new impetus into this shopping spree. WeChat video account and mini-program live broadcasts have provided brands with new channels for promotion and delivery.

Content is (still) king

Live streaming and short videos have become the main links of the shopping festival, and the characteristics of the platform make merchants no longer purely sell goods. The survey shows that users’ consumption habits on e-commerce platforms have changed from actively searching for products in the past to now buying while playing and shopping through content consumption. Therefore, e-commerce content has become an inevitable trend. E-commerce shopping platforms will use games or social sharing methods during the shopping festival to increase the interactive content of users, expand the promotional effect of the event, and increase the browsing time of users on the platform to enhance user stickiness.

The contentification of e-commerce has turned the shopping festival into a large-scale entertainment festival. Tmall’s Double Eleven party is a typical example of combining entertainment with shopping. Variety of live streaming with goods is the general trend, increasing game interaction, upgrading the format, short videos and long videos linking the IP of the product, using stars and evening parties, etc. to transform the original single event content of the shopping festival into a richer entertainment event.

In addition to e-commerce content, content e-commerce is also a development direction in recent years. A short video platform with a huge number of daily active users can carry related products in areas that users are interested in. The better the brand and the content, the better the publicity effect. Xiaohongshu, Weibo, Kuaishou, and Douyin can all put Taobao links to realize the jump from the content platform to the e-commerce platform.

Omni-channel linkage

As mentioned earlier, the duration of the Double Eleven event is gradually lengthening, which also allows platforms and brands to have a longer time to promote momentum through various media platforms in advance. Reach more consumers through online and offline linkages. Offline entertainment and catering are also added to the double eleven events, online multi-platform social communication, using celebrity KOLs to warm up the event, and continuous exposure to keep the event engaged.

In 2020, all platforms had started warm-up activities basically on October 21. Take the star anchor Li Jiaqi as an example, through social platforms such as Weibo and official accounts, to promote the topic of the shopping festival, use public domain plus private domain fan operations for publicity, short video platform can display richer content, in addition to planting ideas. In addition to attracting traffic, you can also preview the live broadcast. Eventually, during the shopping festival, the live broadcast and discounts brought a huge transaction volume to the brand. Utilizing the different advantages of omnichannel platforms is the key content of the Double Eleven brand strategy.

On Double Eleven in 2020, from November 1 to November 11 at 00:30, Taobao and Tmall’s turnover exceeded 372.3 billion yuan. In the opening 11 minutes, the total turnover of 100 brands exceeded 100 million. This year, each platform will make its own unique tricks. Whether the transaction volume can reach a new high, we will wait and see.

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