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Insights - 6.18 E-commerce sales

The 6.18 promotion is the last opportunity for merchants in the first half of the year. According to the analysis of Star Chart data, this year's merchants on various platforms have not only increased their subsidies and discounts and increased their scale, but also launched a variety of characteristic services such as list recommendation, pre-sale speed, and after-sales guarantee, paying more attention to consumers' shopping experience. The network-wide sales monitoring data shows that the total transaction volume during the 6.18 period this year was 578.48 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 26.5%.

As for the top three platforms on the entire network, as in previous years, Tmall is still at the top of the list, followed by JD, and Pinduoduo is third.

During the pre-sale and carnival period, the total amount of live broadcasts reached 64.5 billion yuan. Top 3 influencers by GMV -

  1. Viya: 5.9 billion yuan

  2. Li Jiaqi Austin: 5.4 billion yuan

  3. Sydney: 3.2 billion yuan

During the 618 promotion event in 2021, the top category is household appliances, the second is mobile communication, and the third is clothing accessories. The TOP 3 with the fastest year-on-year growth in the industry are outdoor sports, home daily use and alcohol. During the 618 promotion period, new retail sales reached 17.8 billion yuan, and the top 3 new retail platform sales were JD Daojia, Alibaba Taoxianda and Meituan Flash Sale.

618 big promotion event new gameplay:

Tmall, JD, and Suning chose to announce the 618 big promotion game on the same day (May 20), and the pre-sale period also started on the same day. What is different from the past is that in this year's 618 promotion, in addition to the preferential policies that consumers are most concerned about, major platforms also focused on live broadcasts, new products, and members.

Tmall keeps its lead in the 618 promotion:

According to research data from the Ebang think tank, 50% of the companies said that they currently have the highest conversion rate on the Tmall platform; 10.3% of the companies have the highest conversion rate on Douyin, and 8.6% of the companies have the highest conversion rate on According to the annual report data of the three platforms of Alibaba, JD and Pinduoduo, their platform monetization rates are 3.74%, 2.73% and 3.22% respectively.

Corporate participation:

At 618 this year, nearly 80% of companies participated in Tmall promotional activities, the same as in 2019, but more than 60% of companies participated in JD activities, a decrease of 5 percentage points from 2019. According to the analysis of the report, 67.2% of enterprises believe that Tmall is the most important platform in the 618 events. With limited resources, 56.9% of companies choose to put Tmall first; 19% of companies choose to put Douyin first. However, less than 10% of the companies that choose to give priority to, Pinduoduo, Kuaishou and Suning.

Corporate result:

  • Companies that generate more than 50% of their sales on Tmall account for more than 40%, and companies that generate more than 30% of their sales on Tmall account for more than 70%.

  • JD platform sales accounted for 30% to 50% of total activity sales, 23.7% of companies expected 20% to 30%, and 28.9% of companies expected 10% to 20%

  • Douyin has also become a key launch platform this year. More than 15% of companies said that more than 20% of their sales will come from Douyin.

Download the full Chinese version of the report.

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