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Insights - 2022 China Male Consumption

According to QuestMobile data, the average monthly usage time of APPs by China men has increased to a new high in the same period, reaching 167.7 hours, and the monthly active users are close to 600 million.

The 31-50-year-old middle-aged group is the main group driving the growth, and its active proportion and usage time surpass that of young users, up to 177.2 hours, compared with 171.5 hours in the stage under 30 years old. The proportion of first- and second-tier cities are mainly users under the age of 30, and as the age group increases, the distribution of users gradually tilts into the lower-tiers markets.

According to data observation, the proportion of online spending power of 31-50-year-olds continues to grow. In contrast, 51-year-olds have outstanding performance in large-scale consumption (consumption range of more than 2,000 yuan). It can be seen that the online consumption potential of China's middle-aged and elderly users is gradually expanding. The online consumption of young males ranges between 300-1999 yuan.

There is a sharp contrast in the characteristics of China male user group portraits. Young male users’ willingness to consume is inclined to entertainment figures, and they are also the core group of sports trend products. 31-50-year-old male users have an online spending power of more than 1,000 yuan with the proportion of users being 70.1%. They are also the main force of consumption in China and are also the core group of automobile home appliances (large-scale physical goods). As men over the age of 51, they tend to be active in news and information platforms, and gradually release their potential in the consumption of smart devices, and their views on consumption have also begun to change.

Based on the overall improvement of China's male consumption awareness, the increasing demand for quality consumption and the gradual diversification of the male consumer market, new trends have quietly emerged. In addition to price, quality and brand have become the decision-making points that all age groups pay attention to, and the main customer group of beauty brands has expanded to young male users. The 31-50-year-old users are more active in various product longing platforms, and their attention to longing and live broadcast platforms has increased. In addition, 51-year-olds have also begun to pay attention to beauty products and show interest, expanding into the trendy consumer circle. 31-50-year-old male users not only pay attention to quality but also consider the factors of their consumption based on brand recognition, focusing on brand attention is the highest among other age groups, as high as 67%.

It can be seen that this gradually evolving new trend has begun to change the tendency of China male users to consume online, gradually expand the ability of male online consumption, and even open up diversified markets, such as beauty and luxury goods. The new "secret code of traffic" of major product longing platforms is more about male-related topics. It can be seen that China male consumption is increasingly influenced by KOLs, and at the same time, it brings diversification and unlimited marketing possibilities to major brands.

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