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2022 Tmall Global Consumption Trends

According to the trend forecast report released by Tmall International and CBNData, precise skincare, emotional fragrance, snack-based health care, light sportswear and low-sensitivity parenting are the six major imported consumption trends in 2022, especially under the boom of overseas shopping, cross-border e-commerce has become the main consumption window.

Trend 1: Precise skincare

Contemporary consumers attach great importance to the health of their skin, and functional skincare products with advanced efficacy have become a trend, and the explosive growth has continued to exceed 2x in Tmall International in the past two years. In response to the demands of different skin types, consumers pay more attention to the skincare efficacy of the right medicine to solve skin problems, so consumers pay close attention to their key ingredients. Among them, ingredients such as flavonols, boseine, ceramides, fruit acids, and vitamin E are the most concerned. "Ingredient Party" is also mentally advanced, not only paying attention to product ingredients but also pursuing the professional and scientific nature of ingredient distribution. The report shows that 73% of consumers will pay attention to the ratio/formula of ingredients when purchasing skin care products, and pursue precise skincare.

Trend 2: Body care with oil

In Tmall Global, personal care products are showing an upgraded trend. For example, head care is no longer just a washing step, but also strengthens scalp care and hair essential oils; body care also has advanced product forms, such as bath oil, oil-based care products such as scrubs became popular. According to the survey, efficacy is the main decision-making factor for consumers when purchasing oil-based hair/body care products. In terms of hair care, the main functions that attract the most attention are moisturizing, preventing dryness, and repairing the damage. In body care, it also pays the most attention to moisturizing and anti-drying effects.

Trend 3: Emotional Fragrance

With the rise of the olfactory economy, China's perfume aromatherapy market has grown rapidly, and the consumption trend of "emotional fragrance" represented by niche perfumes and home fragrances continues to rise. The younger generation seeks emotional healing through incense, and the main reason for purchasing decisions is to reflect personal style and taste. More than 40% of consumers prefer floral, fruity and oriental notes; post-95s prefer gourmet and woody notes. According to the data, 57% of consumers will choose different fragrances according to seasons, outfits, moods, etc., and seek fragrance experiences in different situations.

Trend 4: Snack-based health care

As the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle has become one of the main concerns of the people, the demand for imported health care products has increased, and the consumption scale and number of people in the health care products market on Tmall International has increased in the past two years. The concept of "snack-based" health care has prompted consumers to choose "snack-based" health care products, especially after 90/95, for reasons such as convenience in taking, good effect, portability, and no physical sensation of "taking medicine", such as comprehensive nutrition. Meal packs, functional snacks, etc. Daily supplements and health care products with regulatory functions at specific stages have also received more attention, and different groups of people have different appeals and preferences for different pain points. For example, the party who stays up late prefers to improve immunity and care for the liver.

Trend 5: Light sportswear

With the impact of the epidemic and the development of sports culture promoted by the government, consumers have strengthened their demands for sports, their mentality has been greatly improved, and the popularity of sports has continued to heat up. 76% of consumers believe that in the post-epidemic era, they will pay more attention to and are willing to exercise. For this reason, with the upsurge of national sports, consumers have gradually strengthened the trend of taking into account the beauty and practicality of clothing, so the trend of "light sports" wearing has also risen. In the Tmall international market, "light sports style" related clothing categories have grown rapidly, such as casual loose sweaters, sweat pants, Japanese and Korean sports watches, etc., which cater to the lazy and refined lifestyle of today's young people. According to the survey, women's clothing consumers tend to prefer cool and familiar styles, and among the style elements, sports leisure and simplicity are the most mainstream.

Trend 6: Hypersensitive parenting

As the young groups of the post-90s and 95s join the front line of parenting, the proportion of consumers is rapidly expanding. They advocate the concept of refined and professional parenting and start "low-sensitivity parenting". Infant milk powder is the core category of cross-border consumption, and the growth rate of hypoallergenic milk powder in the overall consumption amount of Tmall Global is obviously leading. Hypoallergenic milk powder covers the needs of different groups of people. According to the different degrees of baby allergies, from the basic "safe hypoallergenic" to the "prevention of allergies" and advanced to the high-level needs of "allergy treatment", it brings comprehensive care to the baby. Therefore, consumption in the mother and baby market has grown rapidly.

Data shows that China's cross-border consumer users have reached 300 million, the number of overseas brands on Tmall International has doubled, and the new cross-border e-commerce business continues to attract new overseas brands and new products into China. So far, more than 29,000 overseas brands from 87 countries and regions have settled in Tmall Global, covering more than 5,800 categories.

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