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Insight Report - 2021 National Day Tourism

Mafengwo conducted a big data analysis based on the travel enthusiasm of this year's Chinese National Day. The report shows that this year's "self-driving tour" has become a standard for national travel, and it has promoted many niche surrounding tours and some new cool games. First of all, according to the analysis of the data, East China and Southwest China have become the top choices for self-driving tours with abundant scenic spots and scenery. Among them, Zhejiang and Sichuan are the most sought after. 2021 "National Day" Top 10 provinces ranking:

In addition, the first Universal Studios that opened in Beijing this year promoted the popularity of Beijing to the top of the most popular cities with the "universal check-in fever". Chengdu, Sichuan ranked second for its delicious food and spicy food, followed by Chongqing, Hangzhou and Shanghai.

In the post-epidemic era, the search popularity of “self-driving” has soared by 150%. In the MaFengWo’s hot search, no matter urban areas or scenic spots, self-driving is popular, making outdoor camping soaring by 200%. Ranked second in the National Day game play fever. However, there are also various ways to play and mix and match in camping. For example, Wugong Mountain, Dunhuang Desert, Bei Ji Campground, Huashan Mountain Viewing the Sunrise, etc. are the most popular camping activities. Mafengwo Tourism’s [Please get in the car on weekends] Urban Tide Tour IP, using "camping + new gameplay" to create weekend activities of different interest circles, such as camping + fly fishing, camping + paddle board yoga, cave camping + adventure, ruin camping + New gameplay such as script killing and so on.

POI Analysis

According to data, the city’s CBD is the preferred hotel area for travelers, especially for convenience. For example, dreamy hotels surrounded by many food, shopping malls, duty-free shops, and beautiful scenery have become popular hotels on the National Day. Of course, the homestay business district is also another night of dream life, especially young travelers who love homestays. They yearn for the clean natural scenery of the countryside, the slow time of art and literature in the old streets of the ancient city, such as West Lake and Wuzhen in Zhejiang. This National Day ranked first in the B&B business district.

The top three are Sanya International Duty Free City, Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu and Tunxi Old Street. From the data point of view, the consumption of literature and art that pays for feelings has gradually increased, such as literature and art exploration shops or buying flowers and reading books.

"All nights are not happy" “无夜不欢“

Young people who love nightlife are also indispensable for night tours to see the wonderful activities when they travel. The most popular night tour destination for this year’s National Day is Chongqing’s Liangjiang Night Tour. Others include the wild bonfire party in Xishuangbanna and Disney Lights. Qimeng night light phantom show and old street night market squares in various cities.

Popular scenic spots in China

As the first Universal Studios to open in China, Universal Beijing Resort deserves to be the first place in the list of "popular scenic spots", "surrounding popular scenic spots" and "popular theme parks". Even so, mountains, rivers, lakes and seas are still strong, and occupy 17 seats in the entire TOP20 list: extinct volcanoes Weizhou Island, Mogan Mountain, Wugong Mountain and Dongshan Island rank 2nd to 5th for their freshness and naturalness. It can be seen that The people love outdoor activities and pursue the outing experience with emotional and beautiful scenery.

The data also shows that museums and skiing activities have reached their peak during the National Day. The most eye-catching is the Sanxingdui Museum, which re-excavated in 2021 and used live broadcast to arouse travelers' curiosity about ancient or cultural relics, followed by the Internet celebrity Xi'an.

Traveller demographic

In the gender and age distribution of the 2021 "National Day" travel population, women accounted for 62% and men only 38%; and the total population of post-00s and post-90s accounted for more than 48%, so it seems that young women have become the main decision makers and drive The wind direction of the tourist market. In addition, about 21% of them belong to people who like to travel alone. Other travelers prefer to travel with friends, family and lovers. Compared with long-distance travel of ten and a half days, 56% are young People are more inclined to travel lightly for about 3 days. The data in the final report showed that the search for "National Day niche gameplay" increased by as much as 256%, making it the number one hot search. The most popular issues were the check-in, recommended routes and tickets for Universal Studios Beijing.

Download the full report for further insights and Contact Us to discuss your China Marketing activities.

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