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Free Miaozhen Dashboard

Transparency is a big part of what we do at ChinaTradingDesk. We have been advocating China advertising landscape, its complexity and seemingly unending changes to rules & regulations for over two years now.

We have, as part of our offering, always offered a complimentary Miaozhen dashboard for all campaigns. We believe providing greater visibility helps our clients understand the complex nature of Chinese media. This also helps build trust with our clients by empowering real-time access to campaign progress.

Miaozhen System is also the only third-party monitoring service provider in China that has obtained MRC and TAG dual certification.

Over the past year, we have received very positive feedback about transparency & easy access to deeper insights about China.

We want to bring the same benefits to anyone running campaigns in China, even if you are not our client. Starting today we will provide free Miaozhen tracking & dashboard for any agency/brand - even if you are not running media with us.

All you need to provide is your media plan & creatives (to verify that it follows strict China censorship), we will provide trackers & dashboard access. Hope this will reduce your apprehension about advertising in China & build confidence in using independent third-party tracking to understand more about your audience.

Talk to our sales team or contact us to get FREE access!

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