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First overseas cross-border E-commerce live-streaming

While live-streaming has been gaining popularity, no overseas WeChat live-streaming has been done – that is – until now! On May 5, 2020, Our partner - OctoPlus planned and executed the first-ever overseas WeChat live streaming of cross-border e-commerce for SaSa in Hong Kong. The two hour live streaming attracted 33,000 viewers, 12,000 comments and 25,000 likes.

Affected by COVID-19, more people stayed at home during the Labor Day holiday compared to previous years, leading to a new round of demand for “live streaming shopping". "Watching live streaming+online shopping" has undoubtedly become the favorite pastime & consumption mode of Chinese Internet users. There are 560 million users watching live broadcasts in China, and nearly half of them (about 265 million people) are using live broadcasts for shopping.

Hong Kong SaSa WeChat overseas live streaming invited Phoenix TV host Lin Weijie as the anchor to partner with SaSa's own beauty consultant, which attracted the attention and support of many consumers. In order to enhance the interactive nature of the live broadcast, there were promotional activities with consumers picked at random via online lottery to win exclusive gifts. With the support of discount activities and well-known hosts, SaSa WeChat live streaming give consumers a good sensory experience and the best shopping experience.

With increasingly strong selling attributes of WeChat E-commerce live streaming, the platform has more competitive advantage against Taobao live streaming, Kuaishou, Douyin and other major live streaming platforms. Among these, WeChat ecosystem has several advantages:

  1. Exclusive private traffic. Taobao's traffic is public domain traffic which others can bring traffic in. But for WeChat, users will not come from other platforms, will not be lost and not lead to third-party KOLs, which is Exclusive private traffic.

  2. Accurate user base. Most of the live streaming viewers come from fans and communities of the brand WeChat public account, and the users are very sticky. Compared with other live streaming platforms, there are fewer users who frequently enter / exit the live streaming.

  3. High sales conversion rate. The subscription attribute of the WeChat ecosystem is strong, and users are more likely to subscribe and follow. At the same time, the user's trust relationship with the brand established through the WeChat public account helps to increase the conversion rate. Because the user of the public account first pays attention to the brand through content, not just for shopping.­­­­­

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