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App of the month - Sina Weibo

Sina Weibo is the first open Social Media platform in China, with over 511 million MAU, an increase of approximately 14 million over the same period last year. It is where netizens, celebrities, the government, and brands meet, debate, share their thoughts and feelings with text, images, and videos. It is China’s pulse.

Most of Weibo's revenue comes from advertising sales and marketing services. It helps its advertising and marketing clients promote brands, products, and services to users. Weibo offers a wide range of advertising and marketing solutions for clients. It develops and continues to refine user portraits so that customers' marketing activities on Weibo have better accuracy, activity, and promotion efficiency.

Advertising Options :

Infeed ads:Fan Tunnel (粉丝通)

Fan Tunnel enables the brand to cater to a much larger target audience because it sources from Weibo’s large user base. You can define your target audience demographics by age, gender, region, interests, and even the type of devices used. Therefore, the Fan Tunnel can target the audience precisely and accurately. Fan Tunnel is a very specific and focused way to advertise on Weibo.

Infeed ads:Fan Headline (粉丝头条)

Fan Headline is based on users existing followers and looks for potential relationships with their Weibo friends, who are considered users' potential followers. It offers quick and efficient promotion of Weibo posts and accounts based on the daily updates and social networks of the target audience.

WAX (Weibo AdeXchange) is a programmatic advertising trading platform provided by Sina Weibo to various advertisers. The platform has a daily average of 100 million advertising traffic on Weibo. Excellent advertising resources and precise data make programmatic marketing more effective. Users can generate in-depth interactions with advertisements, such as comments, likes, and follow. Through real-time bidding, advertisers can choose a suitable DSP as a service provider. WAX can provide accurate Weibo DMP data to improve advertising effects.

Brand Ads: Open screen ads,Hotspot window ads

Open screen ads: When the user opens the Sina Weibo mobile APP, a full-screen ad is displayed to all users accessing the app.

Hotspot ads: Weibo hotspots window ads attract users' attention through large pictures and stimulate their interest in watching and participating. In terms of content, combined with selected top hot content, users can quickly understand the latest news.

Brand ads: Brand awareness

Weibo has launched three programs - Ju Baopeng, U Wei-Plan, and Brand Express, to help brands achieve the "combination of brand and awareness" more effectively.

Ju Baopeng connects advertisers and celebrities, to help advertisers find suitable celebrities quickly, to carry out more efficient marketing with the help of their influence to improve marketing efficiency.

"U Wei-Plan" is a comprehensive solution of social interaction and consumption jointly created by Weibo and Alibaba, aimed to achieve full link communication with users from brand recognition to interest generation, purchase behaviour, brand loyalty formation.

Brand Express: It is a Weibo feed ad with "strong exposure and multi-styles" for brand customers. Brand Express supports user orientation, priority exposure in the feed ads, through the display of a variety of advertising styles, the brand owner's promotion information can be displayed in front of the target audience in a richer and more three-dimensional manner.

Brand Ads: Video type

Video page with product link: Product links are integrated into video ads in the form of pre-roll ads, etc.

Weibo live-streaming: Attract users through the influence of celebrities & KOLs to achieve higher exposure.

Chat with us to help you chart your China strategy & help marketing campaigns across all media including Weibo.

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