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App of the month - Kuaishou

Live streaming e-commerce has become a new trend for Chinese online shopping, CEOs of many companies have made their debut by participating in live-streaming activities. Gree Electric Appliances chairwoman Dong Mingzhu, known as the mainland’s “home appliances queen”, her first live show was on the Douyin platform, but the result was not satisfactory, there were only 220,000 viewers and the turnover was only 230,000. But recently she sold 310 million RMB (US$43.8 million) of goods in a three-hour live-streaming event on short video platform Kuaishou, within 30 minutes, sales of three products exceeded 100 million RMB. The successful cooperation between Gree and Kuaishou also attracted more 3C home appliance manufacturers to Kuaishou.

Kuaishou is a short video platform with high-traffic and high-stickiness of fans, with daily active users exceeding 300 million, e-commerce daily active exceeding 100 million, and 1 million+ short video accounts have opened the live-streaming function.

In addition to the huge user base of Kuaishou, its feed advertising is also ahead of the industry. It helps advertisers to find more valuable people, delivering accurately, real-time optimization, providing real-time data feedback and combining a variety of advertising forms to maximize the delivery value.

Why Kuaishou?

As one of the current mainstream short video applications, kuaishou focuses on UCG and focuses on recording and sharing life. It has attracted a large number of users, with over 300 million daily users. There are nearly 20 billion videos in the APP. In 2019, 250 million users posted videos on the Kuaishou platform, and the cumulative likes exceeded 350 billion.

Short video platform has become an important channel for young people to acquire content. Among the users of Kuaishou, 80% of users are born in the 90’s which is dominated by generation Z with rising consumption power.

The Kuaishou marketing platform is supported by strong background data and good advertising environment to help advertisers find the most valuable groups and make the ads reach users accurately. Optimize advertising in real time according to unique directional forms such as region, crowd, time, hobbies, etc. With a complete data monitoring background, the platform can provide multi-dimensional & real-time data reports.

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