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WeChat Video Channel – Short video platform Killer?

WeChat opened "video channel" in January 2020 as beta and officially launched in June. WeChat users now only need to update the WeChat APP to use the "video account" function.

In addition to being a way of recording life, WeChat Video channel will gradually cover the functions of Paying-for-Knowledge, E-commerce private traffic monetization, Content diversion and Advertising promotion, etc. Since WeChat video channel organically belongs to WeChat this large social platform system naturally brings its own social advantages.

With the shift from graphic to video, competition in the short video industry is becoming more intense. With a new platform, it also represents the emergence of new business opportunities. Marketing methods to promote product sales and product awareness will also follow.

Marketing idea 1: Product sharing/recommendation

Merchants can open WeChat Video Channel and share the latest product information with short video content.

Marketing idea 2: Influencer marketing

Merchants can work with "influencer video account" suitable for the brand, and use their influence to recommend products.

Marketing idea 3: product release conference

Using the power of short videos to deliver product content in the briefest possible way via WeChat Video Channel, video content can be circulated continuously among WeChat's 1 billion users.

Marketing idea 4: Set up hyperlinks

The WeChat video channel can add a hyperlink to the content introduction at the bottom, and click the hyperlink to jump directly to the corresponding WeChat official account article, but the current hyperlink is only limited to the WeChat official account article. This setting gives people more ways to expand their reading.

How should the enterprise manage good WeChat video channel?

1. Account and Content:

Be clear about the need for a video channel & what content you want to promote. Make sure to have a strategy for a regular content update, a stale account is an invitation for users to unfollow you. Only professional performance in a specific field can attract more fans.

2. Video differentiation:

There are too many similar contents on the video channel. How should the brand/product be featured? Build unique content that differentiates your brand from others, segment your videos according to your WeChat demographic insights.

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