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Unlocking Market Movers: Capturing Liquor Surge and the Seltzer Sensation in China's Alcohol Market

Kuaishou, recognized as one of China's fastest-growing short video platforms, has reported a remarkable surge in its alcoholic beverage sector. According to the latest industry insights, in 2023, Kuaishou's sales of alcoholic beverages grew by approximately 290.75% year-over-year, with live streaming sales contributing significantly, showing a growth of 130.07%. This notable increase is not just a reflection of current achievements but underscores the vast potential for future expansion within this sector.

This surge illustrates a broader shift toward e-commerce and digital engagement within the alcohol industry. With Kuaishou's monthly active users surpassing nearly 700 million, and a daily average of about 387 million, the platform has cemented its position as a major player in the digital marketing and sales of alcoholic products.

Demographic Insights

Kuaishou’s user base predominantly consists of males aged 31-40, who are the primary consumers of alcohol on the platform. This demographic alignment suggests that Kuaishou’s marketing and product offerings are precisely targeted towards its most active users. Furthermore, the platform’s monthly active users have nearly 700 million, a significant portion of whom engage with alcohol-related content, indicating vast market potential.

Top Performing Brands and Products

Leading alcohol brands on Kuaishou, such as Moutai, Wuliangye, and Yanghe, consistently demonstrate strong sales leadership. These brands have effectively harnessed Kuaishou's extensive reach and unique e-commerce capabilities to boost their visibility and sales, particularly during promotional periods such as the Double 11 sales event, where Kuaishou’s total Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) for the alcoholic beverage sector spiked by 56.8%.


Seltzer's Rise in China's Alcohol Market: Appeal to Female and Gen Z Consumers

In tandem with the growth on platforms like Kuaishou, the seltzer market in China is also witnessing rapid expansion, propelled by an increasing consumer focus on health and wellness. The low-alcohol beverage market, which includes seltzers, reached a size of 6341.7 billion yuan in 2023 and is projected to grow to 8929.4 billion yuan by 2028.

Seltzers are particularly appealing to health-conscious consumers, offering low-sugar, sugar-free formulations suited to a lifestyle that prioritizes moderation and wellness. The market's expansion is driven especially by Gen Z and female consumers who favor quality taste and social drinking experiences. With a variety of flavors such as peach, lemon, and lychee, seltzers are the ideal choice for modern, health-conscious consumers, indicating a preference for fruity and refreshing tastes.

Digital Marketing Strategies for Alcohol Brands

Both traditional liquors and new seltzer products have successfully leveraged digital platforms like Kuaishou to reach a broader audience. The integration of live streaming and interactive marketing campaigns has proven effective in driving sales and engaging consumers. Alcohol brands are increasingly adopting innovative online marketing strategies to capture the attention of potential buyers, emphasizing the critical role of digital savviness in the contemporary alcohol market.


In summary, China's alcohol industry is experiencing a dynamic intersection of traditional consumer loyalty and modern digital engagement. Kuaishou’s significant growth in alcohol sales underscores its impact on consumer behavior, while the rising popularity of seltzer drinks highlights a shift towards healthier lifestyle choices. This analysis reveals substantial opportunities within China's evolving alcohol market, driven by digital advancements and changing consumer preferences.

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