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The Great Migration – Chinese relocation across the globe

We recently released our in-depth research paper on China immigration, discussing the trend, challenges and opportunities for new Chinese immigrants.

The ongoing strict covid-zero policy in China with no indication of relaxation is forcing many Chinese to think the unthinkable: move family and take wealth out of the country. Recent mainstream media have reported that over 10,000 high-net-worth residents are seeing to pull $48 Billion out of China. We surveyed more than 5,500 persons and filtered to 250 interviews to understand these potential immigrants' aspirations, worries, preferred destinations, top contributing factors, research mechanisms, etc.

Here are a few key insights from our research.

The overwhelming majority have a degree, have an annual income of over 600,000 RMB and are working in Technology, manufacturing, construction or IT.

72% of the respondents are actively immigrating.

The majority have investable assets of between 4 – 10 Million RMB (600K – 1.5 Million USD)

Top destinations include North America, Australia/New Zealand & Singapore

When deciding on the destination, 59% of immigrants pay attention to economic stability, followed by social stability and ease of immigration at 58% and 52% respectively.

Source of information Pre-immigration Vs Post-immigration

We hope this report gives you a comprehensive understanding of Chinese immigrants, their needs, aspirations and how you can help cater to them. Working with several industries that cater to this niche segment, we have perfected many marketing techniques to help drive awareness and engage them. We hope to work with you to provide smooth transitions for these immigrants as they expedite their departure amid onerous covid restrictions in China.

Reach out to us for the full report or how to engage these HNW Chinese audiences.

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