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Maimai and Douyu Available programmatically via selected DSP

Maimai(脉脉), China's biggest rival to global professional networking giant LinkedIn; Douyu(斗鱼), popular e-sport related live streaming platform in China. These two platforms announced that they can be programmatically accessed via very selected DSP.

Douyu, one of popular e-sport related live streaming platform in China, with 250 million registered users and 162 million average MAU. The Douyu’s users have high acceptance, payment habits and high stickiness. 60.2% are between the age of 18 and 27 years old, indicating younger characteristics. Among them, single male users are dominant, with over 77.5% users. Users' consumption habits are stable and influenced by advertisements.

Maimai, “China's LinkedIn”, it is the first China-based career and social-networking platform. Currently, it has 80 million high-value real-name user base. With the real social profile, Maimai has accumulated an exclusive social database. It achieve accurate target through four big data dimension which are targeting regional, gender, career and industry. It makes advertising more efficient, but some customers are discouraged by high price through direct buys. DSP can efficiently reduce the cost of launching campaigns on Maimai platform, which is convenient for enterprises to better formulate advertising strategies.

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