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Insights Report - KOL Marketing On China New Media

The emergence of Covid-19 has made consumers pay more attention to online. With the diversification of consumers' exposure to media, new media marketing has become the first choice of advertisers.

The roles of marketing service providers, new media platforms, MCN agencies, and KOLs have developed impressively in recent years, and they have jointly created a good environment for the development of the new media marketing industry. The demands, such as enhancing brand awareness, driving product sales and promoting differentiated features of brands, are all met by new media marketing forms.

1. New media marketing service providers: The upgrade of marketing data helps brand owners effectively connect with consumers, and can also provide brand owners with instant and complete data support.

2. New media platform: KOL-based new media marketing is carried out on e-commerce platforms, short video platforms, social platforms, and online video platforms through various forms, with rich content dimensions and expression ways, which continue to attract users' attention. At the same time, the data and influence of mainstream new media platforms continue to expand, Weibo, WeChat, Douyin, Kuaishou, Bilibili, Xiaohongshu, Taobao and other major mainstream platforms can help brands achieve diversified marketing needs.

3. MCN agencies: The new number of MCN is growing rapidly year by year, and its development is becoming more and more mature, which is helpful for KOL to realise systematic and professional content creation and inject development vitality into the new media marketing industry chain.

4. KOL: The diversification of marketing content and methods has enhanced KOL's ability to guide consumers' consumption and enhanced market attention.

New media platforms have different strategic advantages and multi-platform integrated marketing can enhance the marketing effect.

The following are the main platforms with high consumer activity and social fission spread characteristics.

  • Social Platform: Weibo, WeChat

  • Video content platform: Bilibili, Douyin, Kuaishou

  • E-commerce platform: XHS, Taobao, etc.

What is worthy of the brand's attention is the new media marketing strategy on WeChat platform:

  • In-depth marketing of brands or products with the content written by KOL has become one of the new media marketing features of WeChat platform.

  • The content channels gradually created by WeChat also provide more and more marketing strategies for KOLs. For example, KOLs can recommend products to consumers with relevant interests in the WeChat group. Meanwhile, KOL can also deliver more informative marketing content to consumers in the form of short videos in WeChat video account.

  • In terms of conversion, WeChat’s mini-programs and other functions make the conversion process of marketing content more convenient.

Download the full report - HERE!

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