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Insight Report - Marketing Value of China Beauty APP Users

In the vertical market segment of female users, the beauty camera apps are integrated into the daily lives of more users. As it captures the commonality of women who love beauty, love post, and indulge in this, it also helps understand O2O, big data, and cloud computing for "her economy".

As of December 2019, the MAU of beauty camera apps have reached nearly 300 million, the MPR of apps was 20.3%, and the overall user scale continued to expand. According to the research report, female users of Wuta-cam (a popular beauty camera app in China) accounted for 88.8%, most of them were unmarried and relatively young. From the perspective of basic user portraits, mainly young unmarried women, the vertical user group can enable many targeted advertising and marketing to reach the target population accurately, and effectively improve the overall product marketing effect.

As the entertainment methods of Chinese users become more diversified, the usage of beauty camera app, which focuses on the intelligent beauty camera function, have increased. From Chinese mainstream beauty camera app such as Beauty, Faceu, and Wuta-cam, in addition to meeting user beautification of photos, these apps are developing key social functions, pay attention to social platform sharing, use big data to increase fans number and link to the user and commercial product, it will provide more breakthrough for marketing.

You can download complete report (in Chinese) here.

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