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Insight Report - Alimama - Spring Festival Marketing Activities

Due to the 2020 pandemic, the Chinese celebrated an extraordinary Spring Festival, and the same festival is fast approaching in 2021. As it signifies a new start in the Chinese culture, brands and businesses pay special during this period in boosting sales. Here are some of the insights included in the report by Alimama:

  • The marketing cycle of the Spring Festival in 2021 will be longer, and it starts a month before the festival.

  • There are more post-90s consumers, creating more diversified consumption.

  • There are three main consumption scenes, from preparation of gifts, leisure and entertainment in the initial stage, purchase of new year goods in the secondary stage, to planning of holidays in the end. The secondary stage in purchasing of new year goods is a peak for consumerism.

  • In the post-pandemic era, people pay more attention to themselves and invest more for their own consumption. At the same time, gifts are usually given to family members during the Spring Festival, and consumer products are preferred. Of which an increase in pet-related products is seen.

  • Tourism has gained new popularity during the Chinese New Year, post-pandemic.

  • Consumers invest more in themselves due to the anxiety caused by the pandemic. This includes self-improvement in knowledge and health.

This provides an opportunity for brands and merchants to formulate appropriate marketing plans and strategies according to their product attribution and targeted consumer groups.

Brands and merchants should formulate appropriate marketing plans based on the attributes of their products and target consumer groups, referring to the insight results.

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