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Getui 2019 Annual Android Smartphone Report

Recently, Getui released the 2019 Android Smartphone Report, which provides insight into the major Android mobile brands for the whole year 2019 from the perspective of market overview, user change behaviour, user portraits, etc.

In 2019, Huawei's mobile phone market share reached 25.5% ranking first. Huawei has seen its market share increase quarter on quarter throughout 2019. In 5G mobile phone market, again Huawei leads the pack with 77.4% market share, followed by Vivo (12.6%), Xiaomi (6%) & Samsung (3.6%).

Getui, a supply partner to China Data Bank™, has most comprehensive mobile and APP usage data in China. Our Trading desk also has access to Huawei DSP, making the combination of data & largest open screen advertising platform a winning combiination to reach the most accurate audience.

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