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Fliggy starts livestreaming for Home Stay

7.5 Million views on a single show; 30 countries & regions already on the platform; hundreds of live broadcast every day - some of the statistics of recently launched live streaming on for home-stay.

Livestreaming was interesting to marketers before the epidemic. iiMedia Research shows that the number of users for China’s online live streaming industry has increased 10.6% year on year to 504 million in 2019, more than half of China’s total netizens.

Now it's an obsession - there are few other options to reach customer as almost everyone is staying home. iiMedia estimates that figure will reach 526 million in 2020, the pandemic is expected to accelerate that trend.

Fliggy launched a new livestreaming channel for members of the homestay owner. It’s the "virtual" resumption way for homestay industry, setting up exclusive channels for the homestay owner, entering the “fans raising” stage in advance. Fliggy will invest million of traffic to support the homestay industry to resume production, and help reduce the industry impact caused of the virus. In order to attract the consumers in advance, the live streaming content is integrated with local characteristic culture to show the beautiful environment and living facilities of homestay. The homestay owner hope that consumers will add them to their wish-list and stay at home once the travel resumes.

Hotel operators believe that the livestreaming is the best way for hotel and travel industry to cultivate internal skills, establish the brand, and accumulate fans. The new way can let customers travel "virtually" and help homestay owner to build their own brands and customer base so that they can lock purchase intention in advance, and embrace the burst of sales once the virus is over.

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