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2022 Douyin VS Kuaishou Advertising Trend Insights

The short video platforms with excellent performance on Double Eleven are Douyin and Kuaishou. Despite the excellent performance of e-commerce, Douyin and Kuaishou have seen a decline in in-feed advertising, except for some active advertisers. According to the data, Douyin's e-commerce participation rate increased by 86% YoY during the Double Eleven event, while Kuaishou’s e-commerce participation rate increased by 40% YoY.

AppGrowing released the “Insights on Douyin VS Kuaishou Advertising Trends”, which focuses on the advertising trends of China’s top short video apps – Douyin and Kuaishou, and interprets the advertising trends of China’s short video media platforms.

Comparison of Industry distribution on short video platforms

  • Douyin: Apparel, footwear and bags, food and beverage industries accounted for nearly 15% followed by cosmetics, skin care, culture and entertainment, accounting for more than 10%, and finally the departmental store and personal care and body care industry, accounting for more than 7%.

  • Kuaishou: The gaming industry (26.91%) has the highest share on the Kuaishou platform, far ahead of cultural entertainment (10.0%), dating (7.04%), while the life services, comprehensive e-commerce and automotive supply industries are less than 7% of the investment ratio.

Short video platform advertising style

  • Douyin:

(i) Among non-gaming apps, entertainment, tools and lifestyle apps have a strong advertising trend, with the entertainment category ranking first at 24.73%, followed by the tools category accounting at nearly 22%. The top 5 non-gaming apps are entertainment, tools, life, social and travel.

(ii) In the ranking of non-gaming apps, Anjuke ranks first, and Beke-W, which is also a lifestyle service/buy and rent property, is also on the list; as for life services, car information style apps are also on the list. The TOP 3 are Anjuke (lifestyle service/buy and rent property), Kuaiyin (video entertainment), iMotofine (car information).

(iii) From the overall data analysis, Q3 game advertisers’ spending on Douyin decreased by 65% compared to Q1, and a decrease by nearly 77% compared to the same period last year. The mobile game industry has relatively reduced its advertising efforts on Douyin’s in-feed, mainly due to the upsurge of short video game live broadcasts since the end of 2021, thus many mobile game advertisers have begun to focus on the marketing of Douyin’s live broadcast room.

  • Kuaishou:

(i) Among non-gaming apps, Kuaishou and Douyin are tied for first place in the entertainment category (25.16%), while social (20.63%) and shopping (15.01%) are ranked second and third respectively. The top 5 non-gaming apps are entertainment, social, shopping, tools and life.

(ii) Among the specific non-gaming app rankings, video entertainment ranks first, followed by Youku Video and Sohu Video. Yiche (car information) ranks third, and for dating apps, two apps are also on the list.

Top Advertising Keywords in 2022

  • Douyin

(i) The apparel, footwear and bag industries focus on keywords such as “buy one get one free” and “fleece thickening” and highlight affordable prices

(ii) The food and beverage industry impresses consumers with high quality and low prices, especially with the keywords “authentic” and “buy 1 get 3 free”

(iii) In view of young people’s pursuit of famous brands and convenience, the cosmetics industry mainly promotes “same styles as celebrities” and “lazy people” as promotional points

(iv) The cultural and entertainment industry revolves around “children” and “safety”, and targeted marketing of children’s educational toys

  • Kuaishou

(i) To highlight the convenience and excitement of playing games, gaming advertisers advertise with relevant keywords such as “no download”, “attack speed flow”, “combined attack” and so on

(ii) The advertising copy in the life service industry highlights keywords such as “no money required” and “free shipping” to emphasize affordable prices and convenient living

(iii) In the social dating industry, they highlight the keywords “understand you” and “warmth” to convey a healing atmosphere

(iv) Cultural and entertainment industry revolves around keywords such as “all arranged”, “ad-free”, and “massive”, highlighting rich content and a smooth reading experience.

To learn more about advertising trends on Douyin and Kuaishou, please contact us. To access the full report, click here to download.

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