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Ctrip & JD.COM join forces to expand tourism and e-commerce

During the COVID-19 epidemic, cross-border cooperation has become one of the major expression of the transformation of the tourism market. Ctrip and signed a strategic cooperation agreement on August 16. The two parties will carry out all-round cooperation in user traffic, channel resources, cross-border marketing, business travel expansion, and e-commerce cooperation. High-quality service + high-quality supply chain will infinitely amplify the value of both parties, and will also bring more business opportunities to the tourism market and e-commerce industry.

Ctrip and each own over 400 million active users. Ctrip Group has sustained its role as a leader in China's business travel market, while owns 8 million corporate clients and tens of thousands of selected merchants. After resuming of cross-province group tourism in China, both sides fully seize the opportunity and carry out efficient cooperation, and it is expected that Ctrip products will be launched on JD platform within 8 months.

Through the strategic cooperation, Ctrip will not only bring highly competitive tourism products and services but also, with's support, further extend the tourism-related business, providing more diversified products and services to more than 400 million users worldwide. In the future, the two parties will work together through the perfect combination of travel and physical objects, logistics, and big data to continuously introduce new business models to cater the diverse needs of consumers before, during and after travel.

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