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China’s domestic tourism picks up during festival

During the Qingming Festival Holiday in 2020, the total number of domestic tourists in China reached over 43 million, and the main group is the 90s. Ctrip ’s domestic ticket sales increased by 114% from the previous month. Mafengwo report also showed that the keywords search popularity of “Surrounding self-driving Tours” in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou increased by 85.7%, 51.2% and 132.8% respectively, and the Home-stay orders increased by 50%. The tourism industry and accommodation industry has been picked up during the festival.

The recovery of tourism consumption has shown that China's tourism industry has great growth potential and broad development space. "Must go to travel after the epidemic" is the voice of many people sincerely, the tourism and accommodation industry will become a faster recovery industry after the pandemic. The recovery is accelerating, and it is expected that there will be a new peak of travel during the "Labour Day". We recommended that make strategic marketing plans for the market and enter the market in advance to maximise the brand exposure.

As the market recovers, Accor and Alibaba deepen their strategic partnership which launched an all-encompassing campaign to celebrate the french hotel group's ALL lifestyle loyalty program through the Fliggy platforms to encourage new members of ALL to discover more experiences. They believe that this is the best time to gain a deep insight into the needs and behaviour of Chinese consumers and enhance the user experience. "

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