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China Programmatic Advertising Overview

China Marketing ecosystem is complicated!

That is an understatement - if you follow China marketing you would know by now that it is very difficult to get access to certain media or be effective in advertising with some publishers whereas a competitor or other brands might have achieved exceptional results on those media?

Did you know that

Zhihu Open Screen ad is only available on a certain DSP?


MaiMai (LinkedIn equivalent) or Douyu (E-sports Live Streaming) programmatic is only available on selected DSPs?

While we have our own DSP & Trading Desk, we also work with over 30 biddable platforms or "private DSP". Combined with our powerful China Data Bank & Miaozhen tracking, we provide the most powerful and transparent way to run programmatic advertising in China.

We have recently released a complete guide to programmatic advertising including details of some of the top private DSPs, contact us if you are interested to learn more.

Here is a sample of our comprehensive report -

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