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China Outbound Travel Sentiment - 2023 Q2 Survey

China Trading Desk has unveiled its Q2 survey, focusing on the evolving state of China's outbound tourism market. The survey follows up on Q1's study, offering crucial insights into shifts in travel preferences, top destinations, and motivations of Chinese travellers. It promises to be an essential tool for stakeholders in the tourism industry navigating this dynamic landscape.

The survey indicates that in the first half of 2023, despite the global pandemic's challenges, around 6 million Chinese travelled overseas, revealing a resilient outbound travel market. Furthermore, 73% of the surveyed travellers have plans to travel abroad within the next 12 months, indicating a strong recovery trend.

China Outbound Travel Sentiment Survey demographic data
China Outbound Travel Sentiment Survey demographic data

According to the Q2 survey, the top destinations for Chinese travellers have seen some changes, with Japan moving up the ranks and Europe emerging on the list, joining Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia. The study also reveals evolving travel preferences, including the favoured length of stay and popular airlines, with Emirates making a notable entry alongside Singapore Airlines and Qatar Airways.

The survey continues to shed light on the unique needs and preferences of Chinese travellers. It uncovers a significant shift towards nature-oriented local experiences, indicates safety and language considerations, and provides insights into the changing motivations for travel. Additionally, the survey points to an evolution in planning strategies with friends and family recommendations joining the mix of travel apps and Xiaohongshu.

China Outbound Travel Sentiment Survey access to information data
China Outbound Travel Sentiment Survey Access to information data

The survey also presents an updated profile of Chinese travellers. Predominantly in the 25-34 years age bracket, there is a slight tilt towards male travellers, and the majority of travellers hail from 1st-tier & new 1st-tier cities. The economic profile shows a shift with fewer high earners travelling, as the majority now earn less than 30K yuan monthly.

With regards to travel plans, fewer Chinese travellers are venturing abroad for the first time, with this segment dropping to 34.98%. Most still plan at least one trip outside of HK/Macau in the next 12 months. Booking preferences have also changed, with most travellers now preferring to book within 2 weeks to 1 month of travel.

China Outbound Travel Sentiment Survey ticket booking data
China Outbound Travel Sentiment Survey ticket booking data

The Q2 survey provides timely insights into the post-pandemic era's changing dynamics in China's outbound tourism market. By utilising this information to fine-tune marketing strategies, travel companies can attract Chinese travellers, playing a pivotal role in the outbound tourism market's continued growth.

China Outbound Travel Sentiment Survey ticket purchase channel data
China Outbound Travel Sentiment Survey ticket purchase channel data

Reach out to us if you would like a full copy of this survey.

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