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DXY.CN is China's largest professional community in the medical field, media platform and digital professional service providers, with a total of 10 million users, is the most influential Chinese doctor online community.  Since its establishment 19 years ago, DXY has built a leading medical academic forum and a series of mobile  products, and wholly funded the establishment of offline clinics, from online to offline, from content to services, from social platforms to medical service systems, through a variety of channels to professional doctors and the general public / patient-oriented user groups to provide professional services.

DXY’s advertising options include websites, official WeChat posting, official APP, official sound, official knowledge, official microblogging, today's headlines and other platforms of advertising, accurate coverage of tens of millions of users. Lilac Park's advertising is more subdivided into doctor- side channels, mass-end channels and scientific research channels, for different types and different needs of the brand to provide professional customised services, to achieve multi-channel communication and full media coverage.

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