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2024 Revealed: Mastering the Dynamics of Influencer Marketing in China's Social Sphere

In the fast-evolving digital marketing landscape, understanding the latest trends in social media and Key Opinion Leader (KOL) marketing is crucial for brands aiming to stay ahead. The "2024 Social & KOL Marketing Trends Report" jointly produced by MiaoZhen Systems, MiaoZhen Marketing Science Academy, and the China Advertising Association in January 2024, sheds light on these dynamics. This comprehensive analysis dives into user media preferences, behaviour trends, and the strategic implications for brands on platforms like Douyin and Xiaohongshu.


User Media Preferences and Behaviour Trends

The report highlights a significant shift towards short video platforms as the primary source of entertainment and information, surpassing long videos and news platforms.


Platforms like Douyin have become the go-to for not only entertainment but also for gaining insights into societal trends and issues. Users are not just passive consumers; their interactions with content, from searching for products after being inspired to trusting reviews under videos, indicate a proactive engagement that brands can leverage.


Key Insights:

  • Short video platforms, with social media as their backbone, have become the go-to for daily entertainment and information, signifying the importance of engaging content in marketing strategies.

  • Direct searches on these platforms often lead to deeper product exploration, emphasizing the need for brands to maintain positive reviews and active engagement with their audience.

  • Live streaming has emerged as a significant trend, with users appreciating direct interactions with brands for insights into products, deals, and after-sales services.

Douyin (TikTok) and Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book) User Analysis

The report provides a deep dive into user behaviours on two of China's leading platforms, Douyin and Xiaohongshu, revealing preferences that can guide targeted marketing strategies.


  • Preferred content includes humour, food, and creative reinterpretations of movies and TV shows, with live streams focusing on e-commerce and lifestyle showcasing products like snacks, casual wear, and home goods.

  • Users are inclined to search actively for products of interest, particularly in leisure and snack categories, demonstrating the platform's strength in influencing purchase decisions.


  • Users are more interested in fashion, beauty, parenting, and finance content, with a distinctive tilt towards luxury brands and skincare in their live streaming and product discovery behaviours.

  • The platform's unique position in content consumption and product search behaviour underscores its potential for brands in these categories to engage and convert users.

Brand Investment Trends

  • Douyin: A strategic investment in influencer partnerships, especially in the latter half of the year, across various industries like food and beverage, mobile phones, and baby products. Notably, investment preferences vary by sector, with some industries favouring top-tier influencers for their vast reach and others diversifying across different influencer levels to optimize cost-per-engagement (CPE).

  • Xiaohongshu: Similar to Douyin, brand investments in Xiaohongshu are concentrated in the second half of the year, with a notable preference for mid-tier influencers due to their optimal CPE. Investment strategies differ across industries, highlighting the importance of aligning marketing efforts with the influencer tier that best matches the brand's target audience and budget.

Influencers and Content Strategy


The evolving landscape of influencer collaborations and content strategies underscores the dynamic nature of social media marketing. Brands increasingly recognise the value of aligning with influencers whose followers match their target demographics, and who can create content that resonates with and engages those audiences.


The "2024 Social & KOL Marketing Trends Report" offers invaluable insights for brands looking to navigate the complexities of social media and influencer marketing. By understanding user behaviours, leveraging influencer partnerships strategically, and crafting compelling content, brands can effectively engage their target audiences and drive meaningful results.


For a deeper dive into these insights and to explore how they can be applied to your brand's digital marketing strategy, contact us to discuss your needs with our experts or download the full report here.




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