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2024 Facial Mask Market Outlook: A Deep Dive into China’s 75 Billion yuan Industry

The global cosmetic market's rapid growth has significantly influenced the expansion of the facial mask market. The "2024 Facial Mask Market Trend Insight Report," released by iqingyan in collaboration with Voolga, provides a comprehensive analysis for industry stakeholders interested in this growing sector.

Current State of the Facial Mask Market

By 2025, China's facial mask market is expected to surpass 75 billion yuan. As of 2023, the global market size for facial masks reached $20.74 billion, with China accounting for approximately 43.5% of this, making it the largest market globally. Following China are Japan, South Korea, the USA, and the UK, with respective market shares of 20.1%, 7.3%, 4.0%, and 1.9%.

From 2018 to 2023, China’s facial mask market witnessed a compound annual growth rate of 6.7%, with projections suggesting a market size of over 75 billion yuan by 2025. Despite its maturity, the Chinese market has seen slowed growth rates due to rapid market expansion and saturation.

In 2023, online and offline channels equally dominated facial mask sales, with Taobao and Tmall from the Tao series platform contributing the most to online sales. While traditional and offline channels have matured with slower growth rates, platforms like Kuaishou have seen a remarkable increase in sales by 37.8%, indicating the potential for digital platforms to invigorate market dynamics.

A survey involving over 300 consumers from across China highlighted key consumer behaviors and preferences in the facial mask category:

  • Effectiveness is Paramount

  • Diversified Needs

  • Room for Premium Products

  • Preference for Domestic Brands

Competitive Landscape in the Facial Mask Market

The facial mask industry has seen a decrease in market concentration, with the top 20 brands holding 41.1% of the market, a decline from previous years. This suggests that while the market is stable, there is fierce competition among established and emerging brands.


The demand for personalized facial masks has led to shorter product lifecycles and necessitates continuous innovation and development. Partnerships with scientific research institutes to explore new materials and technologies have become crucial, as demonstrated by Fuerjia’s collaboration with the Shenhai Innovation and Suoweiqi Shenzhen Nobel Laboratory.

Future Trends in the Facial Mask Market

  • Quality Control Systems: Stricter regulations are improving product quality and market operations, benefiting brands with robust quality control systems.

  • Demand for Sensitive Skin Solutions: The market for products catering to sensitive skin is growing, reflecting broader consumer health and wellness trends.

  • Post-Cosmetic Surgery Products: There is increasing consumer interest in products designed for post-cosmetic surgery care, highlighting opportunities for specialized product development.


In summary, as the facial mask market continues to evolve, brands that focus on quality, innovation, and consumer-centric products will likely lead the market. For companies looking to enter or expand in this market, understanding nuanced consumer needs and leveraging advanced technologies will be key to capturing and sustaining market share.

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