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2022 China Mobile Internet Review

Attention all marketers! Get ready for the rise of “mobile intelligence” as China’s mobile internet users soar past a whopping 1.2 billion, marking a new milestone in the digital world!

Thanks to three years of constant evolution, the mobile internet user base in China has reached an all-time high, as reported in the “2022 China Mobile Internet Annual Report” by QuestMobile. And, the best part is the report shows user engagement has surged too, with an average monthly usage of over 177.3 hours and a staggering 2633 times per capita. Plus, demographics are changing with the times as well – the number of users over 51 years old has exceeded 26.4%, surpassing the quarter mark, and 60.6% of users are now from third-tier cities and beyond!

Get ready for the future of China’s mobile smart industry! The latest report reveals that short video users dominate the industry, accounting for an impressive 28.5% of all applications, while instant messaging has taken a back seat at 20.7%. With constant changes in applications and external environments, industry subdivision has become a key trend in the market. Looking for new expansion and growth opportunities, mini-programs, fast apps, and other innovative content strategies are taking centre stage. The pursuit of incremental growth remains the primary focus of China’s mobile internet.

Experience the power of 5G smart terminals and network popularization as the number of active 5G network users surges to 12.7%, a significant YoY increase of 5.2%. The proportion of iOS and Android terminals has also stabilized at 21.7% and 78.3%, respectively. In addition to advanced chips and screens, cross-terminals such as multi-terminal connectivity and multi-screen collaboration have become new must-have selling points.

From mobile phones to car terminals to wearable devices, the expansion of China’s smart internet has taken the world by storm! As “connectivity” and “smartness” become the new buzzwords in the field of equipment, it’s no wonder that niche sports and beauty care are experiencing explosive growth on content marketing platforms. Imagine cycling, camping and Frisbee with cutting-edge equipment that takes your performance to the next level.

Industry Insights of Mobile Internet in China

Let’s not forget the booming mobile shopping industry, which has over 700 million users in China’s panoramic traffic channel. Panoramic traffic has expanded to first-tier, second-tier and young users, further fueling the growth of mobile shopping.

Experience the wealth of financial opportunities in China’s booming wealth management industry! As more Chinese consumers take advantage of online financial apps, the industry has achieved a significant increase in penetration rate, with over 8% of internet users turning to online wealth management. Leading the industry in traffic is Alipay, gross settlement and mobile banking industries. But that’s not all – banking institutions are rapidly accelerating their online processes too, with mobile banking app users increasing by a staggering 175 million in just three years. The industry’s highly loyal user base even includes middle-aged and elderly consumers in low-line areas, proving that online wealth management is a trend that spans generations and geographies.

Enter the vibrant world of China’s short video industry, where user activity and usage time have skyrocketed to new heights, with an average daily usage time exceeding more than 2.5 hours! Dominating the industry with their unparalleled traffic and impressive loyal user base are the trailblazing Douyin and Kuaishou apps, ensuring the competitive landscape remains stable.

While new game releases in 2022 may not significantly affect the market, classic games continue to lead the way. Notably, small games are incredibly popular among users, with the top 10 small games boosting more than 10 million active users. And for game developers, there’s a powerful advertising tool available on the leading short video platform, Douyin. With its massive user base and influential reach, Douyin is the perfect medium to promote online games and take your game to the next level.

The life services industry such as catering companies, food delivery services, warehousing and logistics is flourishing with the help of the internet. Attract new customers through the innovative approach “APP + mini-programs” and increase your digital footprint.

Meanwhile, the smart device industry is rapidly evolving to meet the growing demands of tech-savvy consumers. Comprehensive management, smart speakers, and smart home appliances are just a few examples of the commitment to staying ahead of the curve. While traditional car companies have a loyal user base and a balanced audience, “new generation” brands are rapidly gaining popularity with the younger demographic.

In this rapidly evolving market, companies need to keep up with the latest online marketing trends to be successful. Don’t miss out on the incredible opportunities that await in this vibrant mobile market!

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