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2021 China Personal Data Protection Law (Proposed)

Mobile applications have been widely used in recent years and have played an important role in society. However, it is common for Apps to collect personal data of users beyond the necessary parameters. In the event of non-consent by users, app installation and usage will not be allowed. At present, the population of Chinese netizens has reached 940 million, and the protection of personal information has become the primary concern of users. To regulate the personal information collection behaviour of apps, public opinion was sought and the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) proposed that 38 common types of apps, such as map navigation, online car-hailing, and instant messaging, are allowed to collect necessary personal information. Apps such as live streaming, short video, etc. are only allowed to obtain basic functions excluding personal data.

For example:

1. Map navigation:

  • Basic functional services: Positioning and navigation.

  • Necessary personal information: Location information

2. Browser category:

  • Basic function service: Web browsing history

  • Necessary personal information: Basic functional services can be used without personal information

3. Beauty Camera category:

  • Basic functional services: Photography, beauty, filters, etc.

  • Necessary personal information: Basic functional services can be used without personal information

You can read about the complete list (in Chinese) - Full list

This measure protects personal information, but it also illustrates the importance of data. It is challenging for brand owners to use basic data of the media platforms to accurately target user groups as such information will eventually be worthless.

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