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Kuaishou's Chinese New Year Insights: A Deep Dive into User Data and Trends

The Chinese New Year (CNY), a pivotal holiday in China, presents a unique opportunity to analyse consumer behaviour and trends. Kuaishou, a leading short video platform in China, offers valuable insights into user engagement and preferences during this festive period. This article includes 3 parts, and delves into the comprehensive user data from Kuaishou, covering two consecutive CNY periods (2022 and 2023), to understand the evolving dynamics of digital consumption and user interaction in China.

Part 1: Overview Of Ecosystems

User Growth and Engagement

•Overall Growth: There was a notable increase in daily active users during the 2023 CNY period, with a 4.3% rise compared to the pre-CNY phase and an 8.5% increase from the same period in 2022.

•Enhanced Engagement: This period also saw an increase in user engagement metrics such as app usage time and frequency of app opening. The 11.7% year-over-year increase in app usage time and a 10.5% increase in app opening frequency indicate a deeper and more frequent interaction with the platform. Starting from 6 PM, there was a gradual rise in user activity, reaching its zenith during the evening.

Geographic and Demographic Insights

•Leading Provinces: Shandong, Guangdong, and Jiangxi provinces had the highest number of active users. This indicates regional variations in platform engagement, possibly influenced by local cultural practices and internet penetration rates.

•Rapid Growth in Certain Areas: Notably, Jiangxi and Chongqing saw the fastest growth in active users, with increases of 16.9% and 15.4% respectively compared to the previous year.

Part 2: Overview Of Scenario Analysis

Culinary Content Consumption

•High Engagement: During the CNY period of 2023, there was a remarkable surge in the number of users engaging with food-related content, exceeding 230 million daily. This indicates a robust interest in culinary content, possibly driven by the festive atmosphere where food plays a central role.

•Content Variety: The platform saw diverse types of culinary content, including everyday cooking tips, festive recipes, and food vlogs. The high viewership of cooking tutorials suggests that Kuaishou is a go-to source for culinary inspiration, especially during festive times like CNY.

•User Demographics: Women and users from new-tier cities were particularly active in searching and engaging with food content. The 31-40 age group emerged as a significant segment, followed by younger users aged 18-23.

Consumer Behaviour in Food and Beverage

•Increased Consumption: There was a noticeable increase in the consumption of food and beverage products, with a 12.2% rise in consumer numbers and a 32.0% increase in spending compared to the previous year.

•Popular Categories: Health and wellness products, leisure snacks, and fresh produce were top categories in terms of spending. Notably, health-related products saw a staggering 132.3% increase in spending, reflecting a growing health consciousness among consumers.

Part 3: Trend Insights

Cultural Confidence and Domestic Brands

•Rise of 'Guofeng': The report highlights a trend towards 'Guofeng' or national style, reflecting a growing cultural confidence. Traditional Chinese clothing and domestic brands like 'Warrior' and 'Daoxiangcun' have seen renewed interest, suggesting a shift towards embracing national heritage in consumer choices.

Outdoor Activities and Health

•Emerging Preferences: There's a noticeable trend towards outdoor activities like camping, frisbee, and hiking. This shift indicates a broader interest in health and wellness, extending beyond physical products to experiences and lifestyles.

•Economic Impact: This trend has economic implications, driving consumption in related sectors like outdoor gear, apparel, local entertainment, and dining.

Wellness and Healing

•Mental Well-being: The report notes an increased focus on mental wellness, with high engagement in content related to flowers, plants, and pets. These elements are seen as therapeutic and contribute to a sense of well-being.

•Pet Economy: The pet sector, in particular, has seen growth, driven by the emotional bond and social aspects associated with pet ownership.

Refined Living

•Quality of Life: There's a growing emphasis on quality of life and self-improvement, with increased searches for items that enhance well-being, such as yoga mats, exfoliating scrubs, and health supplements.

•Consumer Spending: This trend is reflected in consumer spending, with significant growth in categories related to refined living and self-care.

Kuaishou's CNY user data provides a rich tapestry of insights into the evolving preferences and behaviours of Chinese consumers. The platform's ability to capture and analyse these trends offers valuable opportunities for brands and marketers to tailor their strategies to meet the dynamic needs of China's diverse consumer base. As digital platforms continue to shape consumer habits, understanding these trends is crucial for businesses looking to engage effectively with their audience in China's vibrant digital ecosystem.

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